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2cm dilated

I'm 2 cm dilated my mucus plug is gone but my water haven't broke  yet and dont have any contractions either. What should i do to go into labor? My due day is March 21st but i want to have the baby before April 1st

Re: 2cm dilated

  • You don't have to do anything.  You'll go into labor when baby is ready.  I was at 4cm for 3 weeks with no mucus plug.  Babies seem to enjoy the element of surprise :)

  • I've been 2.5 cm dilated for two weeks and lost my mucus plug then too. Since then I've bounced on the ball, walked for miles, had sex, got massaged, ate pineapple and spicy food.... And nothing. Getting induced tomorrow at 41 weeks, 1 day. 
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  • Yes  i think  that's going  to happen to me too! Me and my bf been having intercourse too and nothing! My due day is march 21st i just don't  want to have the baby April 1st 
  • baby will come when baby is ready. you can try the things that @Knottie59802221 has suggested, but unless baby is ready to come, it wont do much for you.
  • You had your baby already how was it?
  • I have done all of this things already ...so I just gonna wait now
  • My sister was born on April 1. It's really not a big deal. 
  • Its someone's  we both dislike birthday. .lol
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