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Oh BOY!! My "failed" success VBAC

Luke Michael Wayne Rogers joined our party on 3/7/16. My original DD of 2/27 was adjusted to 3/5 with the dating u/s. He was 9#1oz and 22" long. 

I I was hoping for a VBAC which I did not end up with, but this was still a beautiful healing birth experience. 

I had contractions for a few weeks and was dilated and 90% effaced by my DD. Sunday morning (40+1) I had a small gush of water. We headed to L&D where the on call doc was less than VBAC friendly. Luckily my water test came back negative and they let me go home after monitoring. I had dilated more just in the short time we were there so I thought this might be early labor. We were able to run some errands and eat out. Went to bed at 830pm and was awaken at 1030 with that distinct POP that so many talk about. My water had broken!!! My body was working. 

We we gathered our son and things and started the 45 minute drive. Contractions came hard and fast. My husband panicked. He is not good with blood guts and although nothing was happening like that my pain level freaked him out. I called 911 and he pulled into a fire station on our route. An ambulance took me the rest of the way while he followed. 

I I was a bit frantic by the time we got to the hospital. Pain was out of this world. I know labor is different for everyone but ladies who can go drug free are a whole 'nother  level of crazy awesome crazy. My heart rate way bad. Babies heart relate was bad. And the same doctor was in house. Without much monitoring at all he comes in and tells me he reccomends another section. I asked him to leave. And I told my ANGEL of a nurse and my doula I would reconsider once I had an epidural and was thinking clearly. Right now my room was chaos and so was I. 

Got the epidural - she was amazed I was able to sit still after having witnessed most of the action. BUT as expected removal of the pain for me helped both me and baby return to normal. I was able to labor they the rest of the night and they to the doctor shift change st 8am!!! Yay. No pushing till the new on call was in house!!! 

The he new on call was super calm and VBAC supportive! We made t to 10 cm and started to push. He moved from 0station to 1 so some progress but after 3 hours of pushing there was no more movement down. Disappointment. I had been in labor for 15 hours with an additional 3 hours of pushing. On my new OBs advice we turned down the epidural so that I could try pushing outside the bed. She knew at this point he was sunny side up but could not push him back up enough to turn him manually. (OUCH TRYING) so I got on hands and knees for a minute then was able to squat using the back of the bed. I explained this as how you go poop when camping in the woods. Very classy. Still no movement down. So I threw in the towel. I am so very proud of how I educated myself this time and gave it my all. 

During the section the OB let me know his hand was up by his face blocking him more. And oh his poor head. As you can see in the photo he was stuck on my pelvic bone.  The divot has slowly faded but it is still there a bit. 

I found out it wasn't the outcome I had hoped for but EXACTLY the process I needed. I feel extremely healed from my last birth. I succeeded. 


Re: Oh BOY!! My "failed" success VBAC

  • What a little cutie!
    you gave it the best try you could! im glad you got a healing birth even if he wasn't born the way you hoped. 
    I have to be honest I thought I was dying during labor BC the pain was so bad. I honestly though I had ruptured BC the pain. Those mamas who go med free are crazy!!

    and if you ever decide to try again, lots of mamas have VBA2Cs ;)

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