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Is there a pregnancy after loss thread on this board?

Is there a pregnancy after loss thread in this board?  I know there's a separate group for that, but it's not my type of community and is full of stress. 

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  • Hi! There are  definitely some of us on here who have experienced a loss, but we don't do a loss specific check in, just a regular check in. We are a wonderful community and you're welcome to join us as we're very supportive. o:) We are a very diverse group of people with all sorts of backgrounds and experiences. 
    Thank you! I think I'll hang around and check it out, maybe even introduce myself. ;) 
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  • I just went through my 2nd chemical pregnancy.  Its like a sick joke, I test positive, get excited, but the line just never gets darker and then you know the rest.  Nice to have others out there that can relate.  
  • Well  I went through  my second miscarriage in May and now I'm 8 wks... this is scary.  The first miscarriage was at 7 weeks (2014), and the second 15 weeks. My last ultrasound sound was two days before the miscarriage. My baby boy was smiling and waving. It was really said to see him so happy and  but I'll have the pic as a memory and I know he definitely is my little angel. I have my first preg appt with the doc at the end of the month. I'm getting very impatient because I want to make sure things go well this time. If this pregnancy goes as plan, i'll be having my first baby after 5 yrs of trying. There's definitely people and resources on this sight that are a major help.
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