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Is Target Baby Registry Really That Bad?


I have been trying to decide where to start a baby registry. I have seen again and again from other posts to not register with Target becuase of their bad return policy and customer service. However, I did notice they have a new return policy where items on your registry can be returned within one your experience is Target really that bad? Or can you do it successfully? Its just that, the store is so availiable to my area, and has lots of cute baby stuff, that I am considering building a registry there, is it really bad in your experience?....I also have a good list going on an Amazone baby registry which I can use regardless, but not sure yet. I'd love to hear from moms who have recently within the last few months, have successfully done a Target registry.


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  • I found their registry system glitchey as hell when I registered for my wedding.  It was definitely the biggest hassle of all the stores I registered at. 

    That said,  I will probably still make a small registry there for discount reasons, and accessibility if someone throws me a shower should I ever get pregnant.  Because Walmart is the devil.
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  • I haven't had any issues with registering (entirely online). It's not the most user friendly, as in it takes 3 clicks to add something, but it's not horrible. You have to go in store to pick up the welcome bag and I have yet to have people buy off it or make any returns. It's worth it for the bag of freebies.
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  • I have never had a problem returning stuff to the store.  The only problem I had was there small selection in the store.  most of my guests were older ladies, and they would rather go into a store and physically purchase it, then buy it online.
  • I only put like 3 things on a registry was in it for the goodies bag. I was not a fan of the selection. I stuck with babiesrus
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    The first scanner thing they gave us didn't work. At all.

    The second one worked, but it kept logging me out, which was obnoxious. I will say they did give me an awesome gift bag (which we had to ask for) which included a 20% off maternity wear and 10% off nursing bras. I ended up buying both that day, and saved $12 from the gift bag -

    So worth creating one for the coupons!

    I love the fact on my amazon registry people can note they bought me something, and buy it elsewhere though - and it keeps track of who bought what (with addresses!!!) for thank yous, so I def recommend it.

  • My husband and I went in today and to say it was a nightmare is an understatement. It was unpleasant. We did not have any fun, the staff was not helpful, and few options. We also had to go through 3 scanners until we received one that actually worked properly. I think we may just do a small registry through target and go somewhere else for the important things. 
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