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Flying with baby

Hello Moms!

So I will be flying to Japan on United Airlines here soon with my 7 month old son (solo!)  He will have his own seat and currently uses the Graco snugride 35 click connect carseat.  I have read a story about a woman getting kicked off her flight because the car seat wouldn't fit and she may/may not have caused a scene.  The car seat in question MAY have been a snugride.  Anyways, does anyone have any experience with using this particular carseat on a plane?  I have some time to spare so if I need to go out and purchase an INEXPENSIVE car seat then I will go ahead.  And if in the case you have had any issues, do you have any recommendations for another car seat?  Also any tips for traveling?  TIA!

Re: Flying with baby

  • btw it is FAA approved but as I have researched that doesn't necessarily mean the car seat will fit on the plane.
  • When we flew we contacted the airline ahead of time to find out what model/type of plane it would be for our flights and I was able to google to find out if our car seat would fit, which it did. Good luck!
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  • I do not have any advice but I sincerely wish you luck!

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