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Planning for a baby.

It's been almost a year of marriage and we are thinking of having a baby. But the place where we are currently living in, would be too small for another family member to fit in. So we are looking for a bigger place. We, although have time to set things right, but as they say, the earlier the better. So we are now trying to get home mortgage loan as soon as possible. But what I actually want to hear is some good advice on family planning. I mean If we could get a bigger house before November, when should we actually start planning for a baby. Will it be difficult for me to get adjusted to a new place, if I get pregnant before the move?

Re: Planning for a baby.

  • I had to move twice while pregnant, and I adjusted fine. Honestly, it was easier to adjust because I had a blank canvas of a home to work with instead of having to figure out HOW to rearrange the home we were previously in. 
    But if possible, at least get into a new place first before TTC so you can have it all preplanned and eliminate that stress. It is nice to be settled in and planned in advance, as well as being familiar with your new utility costs, mortgage payment, etc.
  • I agree with PP about moving prior to TTC. I knew we would be moving, but I thought TTC would take awhile so we started trying. Big mistake. It didn't take as long as I thought it would AND our move got delayed as buying a home can get drawn out for various reasons. We ended up moving when I was about 6 months pregnant. It was the worst. It was summer so I was super hot and I was just exhausted from being pregnant. It took forever to get settled in because every time I would push myself to unpack "just one more box" I ended up having BH contractions and would have to lay down. Also, you have to bend over so much to pack and unpack things. Bending over while very pregnant is hard!
  • Renovating the house and thinking of a way to structure it so the baby would be living in comfort is the best time to get pregnant. All the thrill and excitement, it should be an interesting experience for your family.

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