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Blog Feedback PLEASE!

Hi Mamas! 

I have just started blogging and would love your feedback! If you have a moment to take a look and answer three questions I would greatly appreciate it! Please be honest! I can take it ;)

1. Anything you loved? 
2. Anything you would change?
3. What types of posts would bring you back to read more? (Ideas: recipes, fitness, etc...)?

Thank you for taking a look! 


Re: Blog Feedback PLEASE!

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    I really loved all of if. I love that you put that you want your son to love Jesus. :smile: Its very inspirational and made me want to be even more creative when it comes to how we play with my daughter and going out more with her and being more adventurous. I always love anything with recipes, DIY projects or even like anything God has taught you or brought you through is always inspiring to read. :smile: great job mama keep up the amazing work!! ♥︎♥︎♥︎

    Eta: I also love your letter to Conrad it had me in tears .. So beautiful 
  • I am not one to read blogs but I loved yours! I love the Waldorf aspect and natural toys. I want my son to go to a Steiner school. I also said I want wooden toys only but kind of failed at that. I still refuse plastic toys and places like Toys r us. Anyway, that's off the subject...your blog is great. Easy to read and the letter to your son made my cry!
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    Your pictures of your sweet boy are so beautiful! The love that you and your husband share for each other and for Conrad is so obvious as I was reading through--I love that I found someone else who writes baby letters! I wrote one to my son every month and now that he's 4, on every birthday! I have been doing the same with my baby girl and I love that they will have a piece of their babyhood to read when they are older. I found the toys you discussed fascinating as well. Violet has been handed down so many toys from her big brother but most are on their way out so I am definitely interested in looking more into wooden and imagination-inspiring toys. I agree with @danniellemichellexox --I read blogs mainly for recipes and parenting stuff :) Great job so far <3

    ETA- TYPOS! ;)
  • @sarapagan I love your idea to continue the letters for each year after their first birthday! So sweet; and I'm sure your children will love reading them one day!

    Thank you all for you taking the time to read and share your kind thoughts and encouragement! I really appreciate it! 
  • Awesome stuff. I like the minimalist feel; some blogs have too much going on that detract from the content. Your content is also very well written. It looks like you're off to a good start -- one blogger to another :)  
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    :) visit my blog to get easy recipes & mom stuff: http://somestufforwhatever.wordpress.com  :)
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