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I just want to sleep!

For the past couple of weeks I have been waking up around 2/3 in the morning no matter what time I go to sleep and I can't fall back asleep! I lay there wide awake wishing I could sleep. Has this happened to anyone else? I started a new job yesterday and now I have to wake up at 6am for work and I'm afraid it's really going to catch up with me soon. I know when the baby comes I won't get sleep either but at least that's for a good reason. 

Re: I just want to sleep!

  • Yep. Lots of posts on this topic. 
    Super common
  • Yup and it gets worse in 3rd tri sorry to say.
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  • yeah, it really sucks.. & ir definitely doesn't get any easier once you hit 3rd Tri :/ maybe speak with your doctor about the problems your having & see if they have any solutions for you..?
  • Unisom for life. A half of a tablet, has been my saving grace for several weeks now. I didn't take on this past Saturday night, to see how well I slept. I went to bed exhausted, but then laid there for 2-3 hours before I finally fell asleep. I got up around 2am to pee, and then couldn't get back to sleep. If I take the 1/2 Unisom, I am out cold, wake up at least once to pee....but then conk right back out until my alarm goes off. I am pretty much dead to the world. Lol!
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  • Yep this happens to me almost every night and I have to wake up at 530a for work. I'm exhausted and work 12hr shifts so by the time I get home I'm ready for bed but just end up repeating the cycle. I find I actually sleep better when I don't have to work but that kinda defeats the purpose being rested for work. Haven't figured out any solutions yet..
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  • I'm with @PhoebeJune1984 unisom every night for me it helps me fall asleep and often able to fall back asleep as well when I wake up from pain. Also check into a pregnancy pillow if you don't have one sometime it can be waking up due to being uncomfortable. Your dr should also be able to provide you with some reccomendations as well. 

    Missing sleep can be miserable so I feel you hope you get some rest soon! 
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  • Thank you for all of the advice! I am off to the store for some unisom now!
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