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Unwanted induction

Getting induced tomorrow because I am 41 weeks excectly and my obgyn doesn't let his patient go past 41 weeks. Starting to get nervous, really wanted to give birth naturally sad about my plans not going the way I want. 

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  • sorry it didn't go as planned for you. just keep in mind that it's what's best for baby. the placenta starts to deteriorate if you are too far past your EDD. good luck tomorrow!
  • Sorry it's not going the way you wanted. My kiddo has 4 days before I'm in the same boat. But just think, tomorrow you'll have your baby!! Good luck!
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  • I didn't want one either since I had one with DD1 and wanted to go into labor naturally. My OB understood this but sometimes life doesn't go as planned. My second induction actually went much better and I'm extremely happy with how my labor went. I would research all your options if I were you so you can have some voice in how things are done. For example, I personally like getting my water broken first without meds in case that alone jump starts labor. Doesn't always work but there's a chance. Walk around a lot at the hospital and ask for an exercise ball to sit on. Good luck!
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  • I have an induction planned for Sunday night if she doesn't come before then. I will only be one day over due, but my midwife doesn't want to wait. 
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    I wish you the best of luck-I'm being induced Sunday evening at 39+4... Wouldn't be my first choice but baby is really aggravating my new abdominal incision. We are all pretty much far along now that our babes are big, strong and ready to meet the world - I'll be praying for you all ! 
  • I had an induction with my first at 41.5 weeks and it was fine. I'm sort of mentally preparing for the same this time around. But my doc was willing to let me go the full 42. I agree with everyone else - there are good reasons to induce past 42 weeks but up until then if you REALLY don't want one I'd push back on my doctor for a good explanation of why he feels one is necessary earlier. 
  • I am looking at early induction due to baby size - I'm struggling with it because I wanted her to be able to come on her own terms, not on medical terms because of procedural recommendations. I feel for you & hope everything goes well.
  • I'm 39 weeks tomorrow and not dilated or effaced at all. Estimate weight as of a couple days ago is ~10# so there has been talk of induction, but my doctor says they won't induce until my cervix does something. Talk about going stir crazy in the meantime. If he makes me wait until 42 weeks I may kill someone. Best of luck to you ladies!!
  • I'm possibly going to be in the same situation. I totally know how you feel. Even more frustrating is that I've had a my fluid checked and NST's and everything is going great and the US tech said that I'm actually measuring 4 days smaller than what my due date was. Hoping they'll let me go longer because of this. I'm trying everything I can this weekend to get this baby going!
  • Don't be afraid to say no! If there's no medical reason for it, don't do it. It's your body and your baby. 
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  • I scheduled my induction at last weeks appointment for 40+3...I'm 2 cm and 70% but my doctor is leaving town for a week on the 20th and she asked if I wanted to be on the schedule before she left if he hasn't already arrived, I said yes!  I don't want one of the other practitioners delivering my baby so mine is non-medically necessary but my choice.  Hopefully all went well with your delivery!!!!
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