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Thank you ettiquette

Hi All, My office threw me a surprise shower on Friday. It was super nice and unexpected! There were a handful (a dozen or so) of small gifts and then a gift card from the group. My problem is since it was a surprise I didn't anticipate keeping track of who got me what. I can remember a few and I have a signed card for who contributed to the gift card but no one wrote anything down when I was opening gifts. So how do I thank everyone? Write individual notes but be a little vague because I cant remember exactly who got what? Send out an email to everyone at the shower thanking them, bring in a thank you card and a maybe some bagels/donuts and leave them in the breakroom?

Re: Thank you ettiquette

  • I like the idea of bringing treats and a thank you card for the whole office. You could also ask the person who organized the shower if they could help you match the gifts to a name. 
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  • One group thank you card is totally fine and acceptable.

  • TwizBeans said:

    One group thank you card is totally fine and acceptable.

    I'm not sure what etiquette states, but I disagree. I think each person who contributed to the group gift should get an individualized thank you card. 
  • Since you received individual gifts (as opposed to everyone going in on a group gift and only a group gift) you should do individual thank you notes.

    But I don't think anyone would be upset if you brought in cookies too.
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  • Oh geez, that's really awkward! But I can totally picture it happening, especially with a surprise shower when you are overwhelmed, caught off guard, and not thinking about asking someone to be the "recorder." Still, though, if I were in your shoes, I think I would do whatever possible to try to figure out who gave what. Don't you have a few work besties whom you could ask, and maybe they could try to ask around on the sly? For one, it's nice to receive a more personal thank you note than "thanks for your generous gift," but also so you know whom to feel grateful towards when you acually use the baby items, you know?
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