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My husband and I are thinking of pursuing some career opportunities in NYC and hoping to move there in about a year and a half.  We'll hopefully have a little one by then. Could anyone give me an idea of cost for day cares in NYC and nanny options? I read somewhere that there are long wait lists for daycares - is that true? What's the price range? 

I know these are all very broad questions. Thank you for any information you may have!

Re: Child Care in NYC

  • Daycares range from 2000/month on the low end to 3500/month on the high end.  Nanny is a little bit more than that.   There are long wait lists for day cares, most people are getting on these lists in their first and second trimesters!  
  • Manhattan or NYC? Just clarifying because prices in the outer boroughs are substantially smaller in some neighborhoods within them. 
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    Sorry, I forgot to specify that - we're looking at both options. Our priority is that it's a relatively short and easy commute to Columbia University by subway (or walking if it's about 30 mins). If we can find something in a borough that's accessible, then we're very open to that. 
  • I live on the UWS (near Columbia) and found that most daycares were over $3000/mo. I did rough calculations that a nanny would cost about the same if you're paying someone $15/hr - which is on the lower end in NYC. Most of the daycares that I found required application AND deposit about a year in advance, which was ridiculous to me since I had no idea what my maternity leave situation would end up being. I also had a hard time finding options for babies under 2 years old. Anyway, i found River School that does rolling admission and no deposit. It's not super conveniently located for us, but it was the best option that we found and is slightly under $3,000/mo. 
  • We're in Brooklyn and the daycare we are going with (tutor time) is about $400/ week for infants. They are the priciest in our area... Others about 325/week or so.

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