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What is your Favorite AIO

Okay mamas, what is your absolute favorite All in one? If money was no issue, and you wanted strictly aio, what would you fill your stash with? 

Re: What is your Favorite AIO

  • Try asking the former regulars.  Many of them have AIO favorites.  You can find them on the internet by searching for what I am a fan of.

    Other than that, I am not much help as I didn't try AIOs until about a month before we started working on PT.  I was a flats and prefolds user for the most part.

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  • I really like BumGenius Freetimes and Elementals, but really haven't tried much else in terms of AIO. Funky Fluff and Nicki's are nice, but they both snap in so I don't consider them true AIO. 
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  • Blueberry!!! They are worth every penny. 
  • Blueberry simplex and Smart Bottoms 3.1, no contest. 
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  • I love my Blueberry Simplex, but after 2.5 years they are begining to show wear. I am a huge fan of my BG OBGE, and my BG freetimes too. 
  • If money was no issue, I would stock up on Bumkins and BumGenius. I also love the Lil Joey newborn aio's I used. I think they have a bigger size.  
  • I have changed my mind since writing earlier in the month. I started using blueberry simplex and omg. Amazing. I love the fit! BumGenius Elementals are nice too. I've sold nearly all my Freetimes and use both of these brands the most now. 
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  • The new Thirsties AIO with natural fabric are amazing! Thin, absorbant, and so cute. They are my favorite diaper 
  • I got rid of all my bum genius too. In addition to some mentioned above I like Nicki's bamboo and imagine bamboo for naps!!
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  • KissaLuv newborn AIOs. They are the only thing that has fit my skinny little six pounder. Some diapers are so bulky (even the AIOs) that her legs splay out. 
  • Bumkins are awful...I know you asked for favorites, but figured I would save you the hassle of this brand. 
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    BG Freetimes for sure!!!
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  • Any plastic pants
  • Rumparooz Pocket Diapers 
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