Any other moms dealing with their lo having a hemangioma? We are going to see a pediatric dermatologist on Tuesday and I am really nervous. Our lo who was born 2 weeks ago developed a very large hemangioma on her face, it starts on the top other head goes down her forehead and over her right eye. I'm extremely concerned about it. I really want to treat it aggressively and not do the wait and see method. Any one with experience? 

Re: Hemangioma

  • My daughter had one on her back. They get bigger before they get smaller, but they are not harmful. My daughter is now 5 and hers is completely flat and is now flesh colored. While unsightly, I never considered putting my child through painful and risky procedures to remove. They do go away and become less noticeable as time goes on.
  • Well the doctor said hers could affect her eyesight because of the location so it does need to be treated for that reason. I'm curious about people who have treated it with one method or the other and what their results are. 
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  • My daughter has a hemangioma on her forehead that we are currently treating with Timolol drops. We are 6 months into treatment and timolol has stunted the growth of the hemangioma but not removed it completely. Because of the location of your LO's hemangioma, it is likely that they will recommend Propranolol - a safe but more aggressive form of treatment. 
  • My DD was born at 32 weeks and spent almost 7 weeks in the NICU. Before she was discharged we started her on medication because it was growing and starting to effect her breathing when she nursed. Been treating her vascular hemangioma on her nose for a few months with propranol. So far we are really pleased with the results! She also has a strawberry on her cheek which the doctors said should face on its own by the time She is school age. 
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