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Deli meat?

I am 17 weeks pregnant and have had serious aversions since week 5. I hate all types of meat except deli meat. Normally I warm it up but I am getting sick of warm deli meat and am starting to get an aversion towards it being warm. So how bad is cold deli meat actually for you? If I was to eat 2-3 sandwiches a week would it really be that bad for the baby? 
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Re: Deli meat?

  • It's more than likely fine. The risk is greater in prepackaged meat, so I would buy it straight from the deli counter if you want to be extra careful, but I personally don't worry about it much at all. It's mostly listeria, which has been found in so many random things, it would be impossible to avoid them all. Just pay careful attention to recalls and the like.
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  • Avoid subway. And any other deli/deli counter that seems less than sanitary. 

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  • Maybe try heating it in advance and then putting it in the fridge to eat after it cools?
  • I've personally eaten a handful of deli meat sandwiches in the last few months. Even my GP told me that, if she was going to be honest, she kept right on eating them. It's not ideal, but like PP's said, listeria is rare and found in a variety of things (especially lately, ugh) aside from sandwich meat. As preggo indiscretions go, I personally feel it's one of the least serious.
  • I have never heated up a deli sandwich in 3 pregnancies. I eat them a lot too.
  • benten24 said:
    Maybe try heating it in advance and then putting it in the fridge to eat after it cools?
    Yes, this is what my midwife recommended. Take the whole package of lunch meat out of the plastic and put it in a Tupperware or on a plate. Nuke it for a minute and then cover, place back into the fridge. You can eat it once it is chilled but try to finish it off in less than a week. I've been craving a roast beef sandwich and it worked great!
  • I don't worry about it too much.  I don't eat it every day, but once or twice a week probably isn't that big a deal.  My dr told me everything in moderation is OK.  Avoid anywhere that seems sketchy, but don't stress about it.
  • I ate cold deli meat my whole pregnancy. I even ate subs from subway or local pizza places. I didn't have any issues. 

  • I haven't heard of any deli meat listeria issues lately, but we have heard of other things that pregnant women aren't typically warned of: ice cream, lettuce, hummas, and spinach dip are some of the ones that come to mind. Most the advice I've seen just says to know the source and eat every thing in moderation. I like a lot of hot sandwiches but I've also craved cheese and sausage this pregnancy (which supposedly summer sausage has such a high salt content that listeria is less likely to grow on it. Mmmmm. Salt). But again, I try not to eat it frequently and I won't eat it if it has been in the fridge for awhile.
  • I had avoided deli meat like the plague but was craving a club sandwich. My OB said that, yes, the traditional advice is to avoid deli meat. But she ate Jimmy Johns through all her pregnancies and said she has never seen a patient have any issues as a result of deli meat. So while she couldn't give me the official go-ahead, that was her advice.

    Most likely you will be totally fine. 
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  • It's mainly an issue of cross contamination, improper storage or preparation of the meats, as well as sanitary conditions. Places like jimmy johns and jersey mikes where you can actually see them slicing the meat to order for every sandwich are usually the places that don't have these issues. Plus, at least at my jersey mikes, they clean their slicer after every rush. Like they actually take it apart and wash the pieces.

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  • I think you're fine. We can't put ourselves in a bubble....pregnancy actually isn't as fragile as it sounds :-)
  • Turkey sandwiches are the only  meat I can keep down these days.  No shame, no guilt.
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  • Dont know about you guys... but I want a hoagie now

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  • I eat cold deli meat. I don't eat it that much, pregnant or not. I did last time, too. I live on the edge.

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  • Eat the Deli meat especially if it's from a reputable place! Down with listeria scares because you are just as likely to get it from ice cream and even some fruits and veggies I believe 
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  • I had a Publix Sub last week. If you are familiar with Publix Subs they are amazing. I order the EverRoast Chicken and they always have to slice it fresh as they rarely ever have it pre sliced. It was so delish and now I am craving one again :)

    The only think I have not eaten this entire pregnancy is Steak. I am kind of nervous to. However, we are going to Berns Steakhouse (Tampa) for my birthday and I plan on eating a filet. I usually go Medium/Medium Well. There steaks are aged and there's no blood so I am thinking its semi ok ;)  But like PP said everything in Moderation and things like ice cream, veggies and fruit that we all love to eat can be contaminated also. Nothing is safe anymore.  I do Tuna sandwiches once a week I crave it more now then I did when I wasn't pregnant. Go figure :)

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  • Cold deli meat or bust!
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  • Literally the only thing I won't eat is tuna. My doctor said basically everything else is fine in moderation, if you buy it from a reputable source. Everything except high-mercury fish.

    I hated heating up lunch meat, it just seemed gross to me.
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