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walker vs exersaucer vs jumperoo

Walker vs Exersaucer vs Jumperoo... what is the difference? Any to recommend? My 4 month old LO is 20 lbs and I think he would really like something like this but they are all blowing my mind!

Re: walker vs exersaucer vs jumperoo

  • I have heard walkers are bad for babies. Personally, I never bought any nor was I interested but my daughter used the Exersaucer sometimes at daycare. I really don't think they are a necessity. 
  • Walker has wheels. Exersaucer is stationary. Jumperoo is stationary and has bungee type cords for baby to jump up and down. They all have similar toys. 

    We have a walker we used with DD and will use with DS if he likes it. They are fine when the child is supervised and not used near stairs. 


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  • DianeRogDianeRog member
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    Fisher Price rainforest Jumperoo is the best - How do I know?? - Fisher Price has to worry about competition. The RF Jumperoo is more than 5 years old - They keep making new ones but the RF is their best seller 

    I've used mine for 2 kids already and we love it - Click  Here  to see the Jumperoo and read 3,700 Amazon reviews of it (Amazon posts bad reviews too, that's how you know you can trust them)

     It's better than other companies too (if it wasn't, FP would make something new) 

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