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Pregnant after a Loss

Scared to death

Hello Ladies! I'm back in the game. This is my 4th IUI. I got pregnant on 2 cycles last year and lost both. I had an IUI on Friday. I take Clomid and have been seeing an acupuncturist as well. She gave me some herbs to support my uterus is cycle. I'll know in a few weeks if things worked out. It's only 2 dpo and this morning's temperature dropped below cover so I'm freaked out about that. I hate feeling helpless. All I can do is wait, so wait I shall. 

How is everyone? Anyone else back in the game this year?
***Loss mentioned***
Me: 38  DH: 38
Married: 12-15-2012
TTC: January 2014
IUI 12-11-2014 ... BFP: 12-24-2014 MMC: 2-17-2015 @ 12 weeks
IUI 6-1-2015 ... BFP: 6-16-2015 MC: 7-19-2015 @ 9 weeks 2 days
IUI 3-4-2016 ... BFP: 3-20-2016 MC: 5-2-2016 @ 10 weeks 3 days

Re: Scared to death

  • Hi there. Pretty much everyone on this board is already pregnant after loss. I'm not sure if you meant to post this here or not. Just wanted to let you know. Best of luck on your IUI. There's a TTCAL board that's pretty awesome if you're looking for somewhere to hang out before your (hopeful) BFP. 
  • Hi @CRJones1978 I'm sorry for your previous losses and I hope this one stays for you and develops in to a healthy pregnancy. The TTCAL boards are awesome and hoping in the next few weeks we get to see you keep posting on here!
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  • Ditto PPs. The TTCAL board is awesome and welcoming. They do weekly check ins that run throughout the week. They are a great support. And if yo do get your BFP, this board is awesome too!
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