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Breast Issues

This morning I woke up and my left breast was sore on the top and towards the right side I pumped my nipple is sore as well pumping about killed me. It's not mastitis I've had that twice already that usually starts with chills for me and red tenderness. Now my left breast is starting to feel sore as well. I have not felt any lumps so no clog. Any suggestions really tired of breast pain just got over mastitis recently I'm about to give up breastfeeding I can't keep going to the doctor monthly with breast issues.

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  • I had that once on my right breast, I just pumped every two hours with breast massage until I felt the relief. It hasn't happened again. Make sure you're not wearing bras that are too tight or have underwire. 
  • Clogged duct probably. Nurse on that side- try to point babies chin where the clog it, heat and massage can help clear it too. You can search other tips but do what you can to clear it cause it can get infected and then you've got mastitis again. Sorry you've been having trouble 
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  • They hurt like hell but you gotta clear it! 
  • I don't feel any any lumps though and I exclusively Pump I have been massaging and applying heat and trying to pump. Also letting them air out. Tried massaging in hot shower seemed to help the right one a little that just started hurting couple hours ago. I'll just keep at it and see if it gets better in few days I'm praying I'm so tired of this happening, don't want to have to see doctor for antibiotics again in less than two weeks since I was last on some for mastitis. 
  • @shortstuff5 my mastitis started with the breast pain and then I got the chills/fever.  Hopefully they can just call in the antibiotics for you without an appointment.  Sorry you are having so many issues. It definitely makes it tempting to stop. I was told once 'don't quit on a bad day' and it's helped get me through.  You've got to do what's best for you though. Hope you feel better soon. 
  • My mastitis always starts with chills and then a fever and then I just feel worn down. I haven't had any of that just breast pain idk what it is cause like I said I don't feel any lumps like a clog and it's not red or anything like mastitis so idk if maybe like a yeast infection or something 
  • So I get this constantly and my doctor said it can still be clogged ducts even if you don't feel bumps.  She warned against massaging the boob too much actually - just do it a little when pumping or breastfeeding, then heat/cold at other times. She also recommended taking Lecithin as a supplement (I just got it from my local grocery store). 1200mg 3-4x/day and it should help reduce the frequency of getting clogged ducts - give it at least a week. I just started taking it so I can let you know if it works for me.

    Btw I hear ya- I've had sooo much breast pain and so many issues, it really gets tempting to just stop
  • Well ladies whatever it was it passed. Woke up the next day feeling alot  better. Very slight  soreness. 
  • Quick breast issue question - has anyone (especially EP moms) had a sudden change in milk output while pumping?  I have low supply so I don't get much, but normally have a "good boob" and a "bad boob," and I get typically an ounce or nearly .75 ounces from good boob, and half an ounce or less from bad.  Well, today it was totally the reverse, and I got barely anything (maybe .25 oz?) out of "good boob."  This is freaking me out a little because the pattern has been consistent 100% of the time I've been pumping for six weeks.  I'm concerned because I'm afraid there's a blocked duct or something, but I can't really tell because my supply is so low I never have engorgement.  Nothing feels blocked - could this be a fluke and no problem?  Or maybe a problem with my pump?  (I've been using it for about six weeks without changing out any parts.)  Thank you!
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    @maureenmce if you know you use one side of the pump always for your right side vs left side it could be you need to replace the valves. I know I see a marked difference with brand new valves, it might have been longer than 6 weeks but I only pumped twice a day five days a week. 
  • @maureenmce That has happened to me a couple times when pumping. I have no idea why - I assumed it was due to a clogged duct. It went away by either the next time I pumped or the next day, so I never worried about it. 
  • Thanks so much @Achae and @fishee333 - thank god it turned out to be a temporary problem and next pumping session was all good.  I was panicked about drying up, since I only get about 8 oz a day anyway!  But all is well.  :)  And I ordered some replacement pump parts just to be on the safe side, since I'll need them eventually anyway.  Thanks again!  
  • @maureenmce I think you would still feel the soreness of a clogged duct even though you have low supply and don't feel engorged. Also, a friend of mine EPed with her son and had her supply drop due to what she now thinks was not changing the valves on her pump so I think it's good that you ordered some new parts for yours
  • Also make sure you're drinking enough water. I see a difference when I'm not drinking enough.
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