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Period comes and gos

So I have been ebf lo for 4.5 months but now that he's 5 months old I just do not make enough. I have been struggling with breastfeeding since day 1 ( I'm a full time nursing student and work) but I have managed. I never made enough milk to freeze but always had enough to feed him up until he started requiring more milk. I only maybe make 1 ounce an hour, but lately with my finals and stress I have not even been able to make that. My period continues to come and go, does this mean my milk supply is coming to an end? This breaks my heart as I have done literally everything to breastfeed this baby. 

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    1 ounce per hour is normal. The average amount a breast fed baby eats is 1-1.25 ounces per hour. I've heard that it's not uncommon for your supply to dip when you get a period (mine hasn't come back yet so I don't have personal experience).  Keep putting baby to breast as much as you can. has a lot of great information if you haven't checked it out yet. 
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    I've seen that my supply goes down a little during my period,  but getting your period doesn't mean that your milk supply is coming to an end. I asked my obgyn about it because I thought that I wouldn't get my period since I was EBF, but she said it depends on the person and it doesn't mean anything bad. 
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  • Breastfeeding isn't a guarantee that you won't get your period and getting your period doesn't mean breastfeeding is over. DD is three months old and I've had two periods and she is EBF. 
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