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Check-in, anyone?

Hey ladies. Since I've been over here I noticed there's no regular check-ins or anything. I know many people probably do the PGAL check-ins on their BMB's, but I know at least on the TTCAL board there was a discussion recently about how a lot of the ladies there might not feel comfortable joining a BMB early, if ever, once they are PGAL. What does anyone think about a weekly check-in here? If so, any suggestions for topics or format? Or, if you think this is a dumb idea you can tell me to shove it! ;-)

Re: Check-in, anyone?

  • I wondered why there were not check ins here as well... I would post in a weekly check in...
    Me: 32 DH: 31 Married since 2010
    MC January 2016
    BFP February 2016 Baby Girl born 11/2016
    BFP 8/16/2018 EDD 4/29/2019 MMC 10/3/2018
    BFP 12/16/2018 EDD 08/26/2019 MC/CP 12/20/2018
    BFP 03/28/2019 EDD 12/07/2019 Hoping for our rainbow

  • I think it's a great idea to have weekly check ins.  I joined my months board but the PGAL really just focus on everyone sharing their loss or losses.  May be nice to have check ins that focus on what we are excited about or how we are staying positive.  I know as a woman who had a stillbirth recently I'm feeling a little lonely and lost on how I can navigate this pregnancy and not always be stressed.
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  • I think it's a great idea!
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  • I think it's a great idea. The PGAL on my BMB isn't very active.
  • Another vote for a weekly check-in. I'm sure Nov 16's PGAL check in will get busier as the board fills up over the next few weeks, but I could definitely use a weekly thread here too!
  • Ok! I'll probably start one up Monday and see how it goes. I feel like this place is special and everyone here I've encountered had been 100% awesome and supportive. It would be nice to have a little structure and a place to be safe to maybe dig a little deeper, especially on hard PGAL days. 

    @RiverSong15 I have been lurking November 2016 because my EDD is 10/31 and I find it to be pretty chaotic yet compared to October but that's to be expected. Unfortunately, our PGAL threads are still full of new losses or worrisome situations, so some days that's hard to look at. I think it will be nice to hear from ladies from all trimesters as well! 
  • @lgem4 I know exactly how you feel.  I lost my son in the third trimester so I can feel out of place at times too. 

    @RiverSong15 and @Wishilivedinflorida Sounds like we are close to the same due dates.  I'm in the nov16 board.  Due date is 11/1 but I'll be induced a week early so I'll be an October mom again.  

    Looking forward to supporting and getting support from all you ladies as navigate this journey.

  • Hi guys, thanks for your support and experiences. I've joined the Nov16 so my story is there. Just wanted to say that I got my first beta back drawn at 4w3d and it's 580. I had a partial molar last time so I still can't take comfort in strong numbers... Almost the opposite!! They don't want to see me until the 23rd for US so I know this wait will be torture. 

    I hope you are all going ok and keeping the faith and the calm!! 

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