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Hello everyone...I'm just about 15 week, early but I think because I'm only 4"11 I am feeling aches in my side by my back. Also my job is retail not saying it's stressful but I'm considered a high risk pregnancy, (more of a reason to relax?).  I was going to ask the doctor for a script for a massage. Also was going to summit it to insurance company. Has anyone ever done it? I know I can't get a normal massage because of preggers I'm ok with. Just looking for suggestions. Ty

Re: Massage?!

  • Do you need a prescription because you're high risk?  I got massages last pregnancies (and intend to this time as well) but just booked a prenatal massage at the spa
  • I just got a chair massage and it was great! I know a lot of spas have prenatal massage too and I think you just have to sign something.
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  • I have already had a prenatal massage and it was fabulous. Many spas have a special pillow you can lay on with a hole for your belly. I had about 5 massages throughout my pregnancy with DS1 as well. 
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  • I'm going for a prenatal massage tomorrow morning. She'll give me the special pillow bananers mentioned to lay on.

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  • Also I forgot to mention, I'm using a foam roller to help with muscle pain--I'd definitely suggest googling "foam rolling pregnancy" for ideas.

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  • @ramoseecologyI get verrrry up close and personal with my foam rollers, haha.  They are amazing pregnant or not! 
  • I had a massage a few weeks ago. I just had to sign a waiver then lay on my side instead of my back or stomach. It was great! Not sure about the insurance coverage though.
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  • Massages are the best!

    I had a referral, too, but my insurance ended up kicking the full cost back to me after the fact (not a fun surprise). Oops...I was getting massages every two weeks for a while. DH wasn't too thrilled!
  • I was gifted a prenatal massage for Christmas. Used it a few weeks ago and it was awesome! She had me lay on my side w a pillow for comfort, then switch sides half way through. Definitely recommend it!!!
  • Ty guys for the help
  • You might also like to try a chiropractor. Depending on insurance, you can get a half hour massage and an adjustment for anywhere from $6-$20. I go every other week and it is HEAVEN. 
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  • I'm not sure if a massage at your standard massage spa would be covered by your insurance for aches and pains associated with pregnancy. It might be helpful to get a "belly band" or support band.  Many of my patients found these perinatal support belts helpful, and if your doctor orders it for you it will be covered by insurance.  You could also try to see a chiropractor who could do massage as well as adjustments - your insurance may cover this.  Your insurance would very likely cover a visit to a DO (who is a normal medical doctor trained with chiropractic knoweldge) who can do the same types of massage and adjustments as a chiropractor.
  • Somebody just showed me this website as a possibility for symptomatic relief.  You may need somebody to teach you methods to apply it.  I believe some chiropractors are trained in this.
  • I've never heard of trying to submit a massage thru insurance but if you are high risk and your doctor tries to write it for you, might as well try. I actually had a massage this morning. I'm only 15 weeks and measuring a month ahead and she still let me lay on my stomach with light pressure. Was completely fine and if I at all felt uncomfortable they had the pillows there for me to do a side massage. 
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