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Would freemie be good for pumping in the car?

so my work is entirely appointment based mostly in other people's homes. Sometimes they are up to 2-3 hours away and I may sometimes have an 8-10 hour day for 2-3 lessons with most of it spent driving. I am getting a pump through insurance and thought the freemie might be the best option. Or since people like the madela so much maybe attach the freemie parts to that. Anyone have any experience that could give me some good insight? 

Re: Would freemie be good for pumping in the car?

  • My midwife suggested the freemie to me and I LOVE it! I'm a first time mom and I borrowed a Medala to try it out and didn't care for it, mainly bc I felt like I had to hold it up the whole time. With the freemie, you have complete privacy bc it fits right into your nursing bra or top and your hands are free! It's pretty quiet too with is great. I have used it multiple times on road trips in the car and it works great for traveling. Hope that helped! 
  • Yes thanks so much!  :)
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  • I pump on my way to work and use the Medela.  I just put a nursing cover over me and wear the hands free pumping bra.


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  • Someone, on some board here, said the Freemies weren't great at removing milk and killed their supply. It may have been on here or maybe June or July 2015, those are the ones I would've read it on. 

    I also drive & pump with Medela, hands free bra and I throw a receiving blanket over me so truckers cant look down into my car and see. 
  • I pump on my commute with spectra s2 pump using hair ties to hold them up and a nursing cover over. Works great. 
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    @mrhargr where do you put the hair ties?
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