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Finding two fast heart beats?

So I'm not sure about this so i figured i would ask before i call my doctor with this concern. So i have an at home monitor. And so far the last few times i have used it i have picked up my heart beat and then two fast heart beats one on my right side and one on my left. I'm only 12 weeks along. And i don't think it is twins. But at the same time I'm a little confused. I also heard movement on both sides but I'm wondering if baby wasn't just swimming to the monitor. Cause when i moved it to my right side there was no heart beat but then i heard baby move and then heard the heart beat. Lol idk. I just want to know have any of you experienced this before and what was the outcome? Also i had a sono when i was 6 weeks along. But baby was so tiny that you just never know if one could have been hiding. 

Re: Finding two fast heart beats?

  • This happened to me at about 11 weeks. I think it was just the baby and the cord. There's definitely only one in there for me. But it was weird when I first noticed it!
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  • Yeah its very strange and makes you wonder. Lol. Well I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed this. 
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  • Well I know there is an artery that runs through your abdomen and the Doppler can pick up the swishing of the blood. The first time I used my Doppler I picked that up on my left side, and thought it might be the heartbeat, but realized later it was not. There also are placental sounds that the Doppler can pick up. I do think the baby does swim around so its possible you are picking up the heartbeat in different spots. Not that any of this can give you an answer as to what's going on, but dopplers can be tricky to use especially if you are somewhat early on in your pregnancy. Since we aren't doctors, and the at home monitors aren't nearly as good as what our doctors use, we can never be certain of what we are actually hearing. If you ever have any real concern it is obviously best to contact your doctor.
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