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Couldn't hide it anymore

So I was hiding my pregnancy at work since we've known. I've been caught throwing up several times and I started wearing the seabands today all day at work. We are 9 weeks, 2 days and had an ultrasound 2 days ago and all was well. So I started slowly telling people at work... I teach special Ed preschool so sometimes I just need an extra hand for a minute with a rough child or I need to use the bathroom again... I'm happy people are starting to know but of course nervous. Anyone else tell early? I will be 10 weeks on Tuesday. 
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Re: Couldn't hide it anymore

  • My mom/dad know, but my DH's family does not.  My best friend and my coworkers know, but that was because I had the m/c incident at work.. my coworkers were lifesavers that day. I'm really trying to hold out telling everyone else until I get the results back from the NIPT/NT testing (I will hopefully get the NIPT done on Monday and the NT is on 3/25).  I totally get telling people now though.  Sometimes it is very hard to hide the emotions, symptoms, bloat, etc. haha!

    I'm not waiting for the official week 13 or whatever.. it's more about waiting on the results and who would I want to share and receive support from regarding the results or if something else went wrong.. those are the people I've gone ahead and told.  It's exciting being in the 3rd month!
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  • I'm glad I'm not alone! We are announcing on Facebook yet and I have a cousin and good friend who all had IVF so they knew the struggles but announced on there too. I have one girl I talk to from high school and she actually sees the same RE I do so I plan on messaging her separately before I announce. 
    It felt good to tell a few people at work and our building is small so everyone else I'm sure will know soon! One told me she was going to ask because I looked different but she didn't want to yet lol... 
    My boss knew about our issues because my good friend who had IVF works with me and that's how I started seeing the RE I went to! My boss has been super positive and especially helpful with the child in my classroom who gives lots of issues, including physically hitting me. My boss made it clear to the mother this wasn't ok before and now she helps even more when it starts which is great.

    When we do announce, we want to do an Easter basket with eggs that say Daddy, Mommy and Baby. I'm so excited! I'm trying to hold out 2 more weeks for that lol

    @riveridgional I wrote a story book as well lol
    DS born 2016
  • I told my family at 5 weeks and pluss days, as I am currently visiting them. And to see their reactions make it worth it.
    They all know I've been trying, and know they weren't allowed to ask the week before me it made it difficult not to tell.
    My close friends knew from as soon as I saw the first unclear line, as I was in shock and needed lots of second opinions! (I also kept telling people who knew about my journey to avoid telling my mother!)
    I would have told my boss if I wasn't going on my holiday, as both (I have two) know about me trying. But I am glad I'm can wait after my us, just so I've seen it!
    Of course I hope all is well, but I know that if it is not that I am in good hands. Which made the decision easier to just tell people.


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