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Has anyone had a baby at the new Wake Med North? If so how was it compared to Rex or Wake Med? I am trying to conceive again now and was thinking about switching OBGYN's so I could deliver at the new Wake Med. I would most likely have to have a c-section again and I heard that they are not equipped to handle emergency situations. My 1st c-section was a bit crazy and I lost a ton of blood after while in the recovery room. I just wondered what people thought of it. Please let me know your thoughts good or bad. Thanks 
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Re: Wake Med North in Raleigh

  • I can't compare it to another Hospital, but they are not a level 4 Hospital. So they only deliver babies who are 34+ weeks. As far as the facility goes I felt as if it was very nice as was the staff during our tour.
  • I enjoyed my tour there and their willingness to allow me to have as unassisted labor as possible.  We're due in November and so far the switch to them from Rex has been fairly painless. 
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  • My friend delivered her baby at North, and I loved the facility. I am a nurse for WakeMed and value them as a hospital, both as a patient and clinical nurse.

    They are able to do c-sections, but if you're concerned about your own level of potential complications, I'd make an appointment so you can talk to them and find out for sure if you feel they are the right fit and can handle any of your possible unforeseen circumstances. Also, I'd suggest you look at what makes you want to not give birth at Rex this time around. Do you want a quieter, newer facility? Somewhere closer to your home? What intrigues you about WM North?

    Good luck!
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