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riding a gaited horse while pregnant

Opinions?  I'm 17 weeks and me and my husband wanted to go riding. Just wanted to get other opinions/advice

Re: riding a gaited horse while pregnant

  • charmedlifex3charmedlifex3 member
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    My doctor said so much no when I asked. I've been riding since I was 15, and finally found a friend locally who would let me ride as much as I wanted,  so I was bummed.

    Part of the problem the doctor cited was if something happened, they are not so much worried about something directly happening to the little guy (though that is a factor, and a very real possibility)- the bigger worry is I would break a leg, or smash my head, and require surgery, which would endanger the baby. Or even something relatively small like tear my acl, and then be faced with the choice of putting it off, and impairing my own ability to walk? Or endanger the baby? Especially since our joints are looser right now, that is a bigger risk than usual. 

    Of course hurting ourselves is always a possibility ... walking down the stairs, driving a car, but the doctor strongly recommended avoiding "High risk" activities. 

    Skiing is in the same boat, but with a lot of caution and precaution was okay-ed by my doctor. I still didnt go, because I wasn't willing to take the risk. 

  • Ask your OB. I professionally rode prior to getting pregnant. For me, the risks outweighed riding and my OB agreed. Regardless of how well trained the horse is, things can and do happen. I'll be riding as soon as I get the all clear after the baby is born. 
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  • I've been riding most of my life too but chose not to during pregnancy due to the risk factors. But I know someone who rode all the way through her ninth month. The pregnancy didn't slow her down one bit and her kid turned out perfectly fine.
  • I'm choosing not too mainly because I don't know and trust the horse well enough. If it was a few years ago before my horse passed I would have trusted him and rode. But I trusted him enough to ride bareback and pick his own paths after being together for 8 years. I think there are several factors that go into. Were you riding regularly prior to pregnancy? Do you know the horse well? 
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    I haven't gone riding during this pregnancy, but I did ride during my first and early second trimester last time.  My parents have had horses my entire life, and I was very familiar and comfortable with the horse that I was riding.  We just go trail riding and we took it pretty easy.  I probably won't go riding this time around because by the time the weather is nice enough, I will be further along.  Plus, I haven't been able to ride very often in the last couple of years, so I'm worried that I won't feel as comfortable with the horse.

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  • Can I just say, it's so cool there are other riders on this BMB! I am missing it like crazy. 
  • I usually only ride once a year when I go to Florida. My OB said no for the risk and where I ride had too much wetlands near it so we had mosquitos concerns. 
    I hated missing it because The same horse I rode when I was 15 is still there. 

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  • ChrissyFromMDChrissyFromMD member
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    I would ask your doctor. I was told no bike or horse back riding after 6 months.

    Keep in mind, a horse can throw you regardless if it's a pen or not. Ask yourself "Is it worth it?".
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