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Postpartum workout

Hey April moms! 

I have been looking up 10 minute workouts for postpartum because I doubt I'll have time or energy to do a full workout after baby comes. 

Does anyone have any good apps or websites they use, or plan to use? 

Right now I love the 10 min solution videos (advanced yoga and Pilates) and of course walking while baby wearing will be mixed in everyday. 

Bonus question: Any workouts I should avoid if I plan on exclusively breastfeeding? I figure there's lots to avoid if I end up having a CS, but maybe there is something I'm blanking on when it comes to working out and breastfeeding. 

Re: Postpartum workout

  • My strategy is to take out my gigantic bassinet stroller and go for loooooong walks every day. Baby gets fresh air and I get to burn off them calories  :#


  • Yes! That is also my main strategy! Sadly, I live in Michigan, so March and April are not always baby friendly weather. 
    My corgis would be very sad if I stopped taking walks though. :) 
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  • Yes! That is also my main strategy! Sadly, I live in Michigan, so March and April are not always baby friendly weather. 
    My corgis would be very sad if I stopped taking walks though. :) 
    All weather is baby weather here haha. Danes let their babies nap outside all year except when the temperature is below -10 C. I got LO a winter sleeping bag so bring on the bad weather, it ain't stopping us B) 
    but I think I might have to check out some workout videoes as well to get the belly somewhat back into a normal shape :sweat_smile: 


  • The biggest recommendations with BFing are to stay super hydrated, keep your calories up (especially protein and fat - they say 500 cal/day dedicated to milk production) and sometimes to wait until after your supply is established. I wouldn't worry about that too much though since you'll have to wait for Doctor clearance to exercise anyway, and that's typically 6-8 weeks pp. 

    I'm not planning on any actual exercise, but I'm sure I'll do lots of walks to the park this summer with DS in the carrier so DD can run off some energy. We also like to "walk for transportation" since groceries and Target are both within a mile. 
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  • I was wondering this as well. I'm still working out now and wondering how it will feel to go back to OTF after a c section. I'm nervous about it and we aren't even near that yet. Hopefully walking until I'm cleared will help get some of the weight off. 
  • The only excerise I'm planning is taking walks and once I'm cleared I'll do the same ab workouts I did while playing softball. I do plan on getting out this summer a lot for the zoo, park, and other kid friendly places for DD to burn off some energy but that's it.
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  • I do yoga and have been doing it about 3x a week throughout the pregnancy so far, and I plan to have that be my primary form of exercise postpartum, besides walking and chasing a toddler. It's really easy to start it a few weeks after birth, with just very simple, gentle, seated stretches, and work up to a more rigorous routine. I do my own flow or go to a studio (when I have the time...which is never), but there are great DVDs, books, and websites out there to help guide you. I was a member of yogaglo.com for a long time. It's about $18/mo and they have classes for all levels, durations, etc (including prenatal and postpartum). It's really pretty easy with a newborn as I would just lay her down on her own blanket and we would "workout" together (especially when she's ready for tummy time!). The only thing with BFing is what PP said, staying hydrated, keeping up on the calories, and sometimes your boobs get in the way (and prone poses can hurt). 
  • Before I got pregnant, I was training for a 5k...I've never been much of a runner but I was making a lot of progress.

    After I have the baby, I plan to start taking long walks around our neighborhood with the jogging stroller we bought. When I feel up to it, I will start the Couch to 5k program again.  30 minutes a day....no problem!
  • I plan to start with long walks with intermittent running as I can tolerate it. After 6 weeks I'll go back to lifting weights as I don't have very long to lose the weight and get back into pre-baby shape. 
  • I highly recommend becoming a mall rat. While I was on maternity leave, I would meet up with my mom and we would just cruise around the mall with DS in his stroller. The big thing is to make sure you leave your bank cards at home! This time around, I plan on wearing LO since I also have a toddler. We'll do lots of walks and go to the park while DH is at work. After my doctor clears me for excesize, DH and I plan on getting gym memberships. I really want to encourage DH to work out, since he's currently overweight.


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  • I plan to break out the elliptical which has been acting as a clothing organizer for the past month. Between that and walks, I hope that things will slowly return to normal. Also, sex...I have had no libido for the past 6 months and as soon as my shit returns to normal I hope to burn off the calories that way!
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