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NYC with a 2 yr old

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My husband is going to an event in NYC (Harlem/ Columbia University area) and I'm debating whether me and my 2 1/2 yr old should go too.  I think we want to stay in a more touristy area if we go.  Is it crazy to take a toddler to NYC?  She's at the stage where she doesn't like to be held back at all and has been throwing fits when I try to put her in the stroller or hold her hand, which obviously I would have to do in the city, so I am really nervous about it.  Does anyone have tips on family-friendly hotels that aren't super expensive (anywhere near Central Park, Columbus Circle, Hells Kitchen, etc), things to do with a toddler there, or how to survive the city with a 2 yr old? ;)  Thanks!
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Re: NYC with a 2 yr old

  • I have a 2 year old and live in NYC. There are tons of things to do - children's museum of art downtown (we live close by and love) and also uptown there's a children's museum of Manhattan, and depending on what neighborhood you end up staying in there's bound to be an indoor play place if the weather doesn't cooperate. But also the zoo is Central Park is easy if you don't want to hike up to the Bronx Zoo. I'm not sure when you're planning to visit, but along the west side highway there are water parks that are open in the summer and the walking/bike path is great.

    I live downtown so the sidewalks aren't crowded and I let my son walk but only while holding my hand. He also throws fits sometimes about the stroller, but we have a rule - he can either hold my hand and walk or climb in the stroller. I go home if he doesn't accept either option but honestly I find the suburbs way more challenging with the car seats and in and out of cars. I would start talking to her about your trip and get her excited about the stroller, it really is the safest and easiest way to transport the kiddos. Also, uber has uber family with car seats for toddlers. 

    Have fun!

  • Thanks for the tips!  Do you know of any family-friendly hotels or certain areas that would be best to stay in?
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  • Hey, there's hundreds of thousands of 2 year olds here in NYC. I wouldn't worry about it! It's a wonderful city!

    What's your budget for a hotel?
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