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EFF babies- how did you know if your baby had a milk allergy?

my 6 week old is a happy baby, good eater and is gaining weight, but some mornings around 4-5am she whines in her sleep bc she has gas pain. She usually has some farts, a big poop and is happy and fine the rest of the day. Her poops seem fine (no diareah or anything) but sometimes just one massive one a day, sometimes 5 normal ones. Does this sound like a milk allergy or just a typical baby with gas? 

Re: EFF babies- how did you know if your baby had a milk allergy?

  • I'm a FTM but we have the same gas issue and our pediatrician suggested if it's uncomfortable gas to give her gas drops before the nightly feedings. I don't think it sounds like s milk related thing since you said it was just during that one period at night. 
    We're trying to rule out a milk sensitivity here too, but it's bc she has violent spit up sessions multiple times s day and the spit up is uncomfortable during those times which according to our ped normal spit up shouldn't bother baby. I'm currently trying out my diet with no dairy to see if it makes a difference, it was suggested to try for at least a week to see if it makes s difference. 
  • I don't think that's a milk allergy :)
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    My baby is 8 weeks and always does this, he gets gas pains sometimes when working out gas/poop but I consider that normal! I don't give him anything for it I just let him work it out and then he's happy again :)
  • My baby was gaining weight but was fussy. I could feel her tummy rumbling around, she wasn't sleeping well. She was gassy. I stopped drinking cows milk and all is well now
  • Thanks everyone! Shes not a very fussy baby, only when gassy/needs to poop or when she gets hungry. As a ftm I'm probably over reacting and making a mountain out of a mole hill, but you juat never know! She just had a gigantic (had to throw her cloths right in the wash) poop and is happier then ever now haha
  • My daughter has a dairy allergy and it was pretty evident. She would cry for hours like she had colic and had dry patches all over her chest. We researched it on our own and cut it out of my diet. Lo and behold, we tested her when she turned 1 and she does have the allergy. Now at 2 1/2, she still has the allergy, except now she just gets lil hives around her mouth but no tummy probs.
  • @scornwell717 knew her baby had a milk allergy because she had streaks of blood in her poop. 

    What you're describing doesn't sound bad at all. 
  • Doesn't sound like an allergy; my baby had spit up constant, fussey, choking on reflux, terrible eczema and hives, green mucusy poop. 
  • My son was just changed to hypoallergenic formula at 9 weeks old.  I started with breastfeeding but didn't produce enough milk from the get go so he was supplementing with formula from 1 week old to 6 weeks old.  At 6 weeks he went to all formula.  He had "seedy" poop which i attributed to the breastmilk and would have a blow out diaper at least twice a day.  Around 8 weeks, the mucus started in his poop and he wENT from being a happy baby to screaming and being very clingy and only calm with me.  He would spit up anytime you put him on his back  , even if it was.hours after he ate.  I took him to the doctor at 9 weeks and at first he thought it was just a "wonder week" based in the behavior but once he saw the diaper with mucus and what looked like undigested formula, he told me to try the hypoallergenic formula.  The first few days were hell after the switch but after day 4 he was back to the sleeping happy baby.  The diaper issues clears up as well as his skin (thought it was just baby acne).  
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