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Safe gum to chew while pregnant

I’m recently pregnant (yay!!) and I’m craving gum. So many people have told me not to chew the sugar-free gums, because they’re loaded with artificial sweetners and other ingredients.

What gum IS safe for me to chew? I actually have “Simply Gum” (all natural gym) in cinnamon flavor, but have heard pregnant women should stay away from cinnamon. Is this true? And will that little bit of cinnamon oil matter?
They also have mint flavored and ginger flavored.

I want to be as safe as possible obviously…any advice here?


Re: Safe gum to chew while pregnant

  • honestly i feel like any gum in fine for the most part. there's a million & one different kinds of foods & drinks out there that have artificial sweeteners. if your plan is to chew just a few pieces a day to get your fix then I'd say you're fine. but if you're going through a pack or more a day of it then maybe speak with your doctor about it..?
  • I don't believe sugar free gum has artificial sweeteners in it so you should be fine. But I could be wrong. 
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  • If there is unsafe gum, I'm screwed. No idea this was a thing... I'm not going to worry about it, though.
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  • All the sugar free gums are full of aspartame. Aspartame is known to cause cancer in adults and children and can cross the placenta. 

    The only gums without it are the old fashioned bubble gums that come in candy flavours etc. 

    I've never heard the cinnamon thing though. 
  • Ask your OB. Cinnamon extract and oils are on the no-no list, along with spearmint, but to be honest, a little every now and then (like once or twice a month) won't hurt. Same with aspartame. Just don't consume a lot of it. I understand FTMs being cautious and all, but yall really can't give your life in a bubble. If you want sugar free gum, chew a piece. If you want a diet soda, have one. If you want REAL sushi, make sure it's from a reputable restaurant that gets their fish from a good purveyor. :)

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  • Chew any gum,   There are too many ligitimate things to worry about in pregnancy to spend time worrying about things that are not a problem.
     I worried about EVERYTHING my first trimester and it drove me crazy, I had to work extremely hard to relax and not worry as much.  If you worry about things like this it makes for a very, very long and difficult 9 months.  Your OB should give you a list of things to avoid-  I would just go off of that if I were you.  Good luck and congrats

  • It's just gum. It won't kill you or the baby. I promise. 
    Pregnancy really isn't as fragile as it sounds.  Don't sweat it.  You're good.
  • I guess I'm screwed then because I chew at least 2 pieces of trident a day and have no plans of stopping any time soon. It keeps the nausea at bay and bad breath is a major pet peeve of mine. It's not always convenient to go brush at work so gum it is!
  • @jhems776 No but is IS a common migraine trigger. Blech. That stuff should be marked with a warning label (purely for my own selfish purposes)

    @daysable Gum is fine. In fact, under "acceptable over the counter pregnancy safe meds" aspartame is listed for the express purpose of making sure women who end up with GD know it's okay to use as an alternative.

  • Gym contains aspartame?? I've known many sugar free gums to contain xylitol which is an all natural sweetener but not aspartame. Chew away and stop sweating the same stuff. Like PP have said, avoid the major no nos and you'll be fine. 
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  • Call me crazeeeee but I eat lunch meat still, have caffeine in moderation, chew gum occasionally and blah blah blah etc. Worry about the big stuff, like others have said. Keep calm and carry on! 
  • I eat lunch meat, weekly, but from a reputable deli or sandwich shop. I drink coffee DAILY, chew gum occasionally (never been a big gum person), eat way too much chocolate and drink diet sodas, occasionally indulge in sushi, and I still am on the ice coaching tiny tots (until saturday). Enjoy your pregnancy. Don't live it in a bubble, otherwise these 9 months are going to be really long!!

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  • Down with the pregnancy bubble! 
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