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Successful VBAC! (birth story)

Backstory: I had a c/s with DD1 due to very low fluid, IUGR, and her being breech. My hope this time was for an unmediated VBAC, but the hospital/clinic laid it out up front that they don't allow you to go over 41w, they won't do inductions (automatic c/s if you didn't go into labor on your own), etc. So.. I was hopeful, but not optimistic as I approached the 41w mark.

Went in for an appt at 40+4 and my BP was high for the second time that week (labs had come back normal). My MW said since I was almost to the cutoff of 41w, and in light of my climbing BP, they wanted me to deliver. She knew how important the VBAC was to me, and after talking to the OB, decided they'd try breaking my water to see if it started labor. If it did, then they'd give me a chance to try and deliver vaginally. 

Broke my water around 6pm and contractions were regular, but not strong enough. They decided to give me sone pitocin (also not their normal practice), but that meant I'd have to have an intrauterine pressure monitor and wouldn't be able to walk, use the tub, etc. I honestly think they was the beginning of the end for the med free plan I had hoped for. I couldn't get focused because of the way things went, I felt tied down to the monitor, I couldn't use any of my planned labor coping techniques, and by the time I got to 7cm, I was not (mentally) doing well and fighting every contraction. I asked for an epidural, which was the best decision I made. I really thought I'd be upset/disappointed in myself, but I wasn't. It probably saved me from a c/s (and saved my mom and the nurse from a black eye ;) 

The delivery was perfect. Fortunately or unfortunately, my epidural bag ran empty just before I started pushing and they decided just to turn it off. It was a rare sunny day, and the room was filled with light from the outside and no overhead lights on. My H, who swore he didn't even want to look, started watching about halfway through and helped lift baby onto my chest. I pushed for exactly an hour. 8 pounds, 19.5 inches. 

We are so glad to be home (stayed just over 24hrs) and big sister has been good so far. She is a total night owl, just like her sister was, so that has been a struggle for me. The crotch recovery also sucks, a lot, but eventually it won't be so terrifying to poop, right?!?! 

Good luck to all the mamas with babies yet to come!



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Re: Successful VBAC! (birth story)

  • Yaaaay! Congratulations, she is so beautiful and it is great to hear stories of successful VBACs! I'm so glad everything worked out for you!
  • Congrats!!!! She's so cute! I'm glad you got your vbac! 
  • Congratulations!! So happy you were able to have your VBAC! 

  • Congrats!! So happy for you and she is beautiful!!
  • Congrats!! Glad everything worked out and all are healthy :) 
  • Congrats! And happy to hear about your supportive midwives and successful vbac! 
  • Congratulations!!!

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  • Congrats on a beautiful little girl and a successful VBAC!!!
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  • Such a great success story, congrats on your little beauty and best wishes!
  • AchaeAchae
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    Congrats! Great birth story :)
  • Congrats!! So glad you got the VBAC you wanted!

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  • Congratulations on the VBAC and the beautiful baby girl! 
  • Congratulations!! 
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