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Usually taking a bath is not my thing. But today nothing sounds better. Get some amazing bath salts and just soak. Any suggestions on good bath salts while pregnant? Are they safe to use? How hot to too hot for the water to be?

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  • I'm not sure about bath salts. I have heard conflicting things on them. I would call your Dr on that one really quick.

    As far as the temperature. I was told that if the water is too hot for you to put your foot in without having to ease it in, then it is too hot to sit in. Also, if the water starts to turn your skin pink, then it is too hot. The good thing about baths, is the water cools gradually, so you can stay in them longer/have them a bit warmer than you could with a shower.

  • Yeah I googled the whole bath salt thing and didn't get a straight answer. That's why figured I'd posted here see y'all had heard any different. Lol

  • Instead of bath salts you could just go with a nice bubble bath. There isn't so much controversy with them (at least that I know about). I've been taking bubble baths most of this pregnancy. 

    For temp, I just make sure it's not so hot I start sweating. I also don't have a soaker tub, just a normal style so my belly is out of the water most of the time anyway which helps keep me cooler overall.
  • Maybe skip the salts and just use bubble bath. That's my go to for stress and pain relief. I take a bath about 2 nights a week when I don't feel like standing in the shower.
  • If you use essential oils- they're amazing in a bath!
    i asked my midwife about the temp and she said if you start feeling too hot, pop your feet out. That'll cool you down! 
  • I take baths multiple times a week! Seriously helps with the back pain! I suggest either some great bubbles or if you have a LUSH near you go there!! I'm a huge fan of the bath bombs and bath melts. They are heaven!!

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  • Reading this makes me really want a bath now. I think I might just pick up some bubble bath on the way home tomorrow. :)
  • I use Epsom salts. I assumed the "do not use while pregnant" was for the laxative purpose. Given, I'm not taking frequent baths with Epson Salt.
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  • Thanks ladies. I'm getting my tub extra clean and ready for a bubble bath tomorrow night!! Can't wait!
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    I use Epsom salts scented with lavender. It's wonderful. Actually, I'm Epsom-salting it up right now! 
  • I asked my dr about Epsom salts at my last apt. We are moving this weekend into our new house and I will finally have a soaking tub, so I was looking forward to baths! He said Epsom salts were fine as long as I didn't ingest them. Enjoy! 
  • I use salts :) and bath fizzies...and bubble bath
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  • I take hot baths with epsom salts and lavendar oil every few nights - especially when Braxton Hicks or back pain is bad.  Enjoy your baths ... it really is one of the few luxuries we have right now!
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    I just got out of a bath!!  :D
    I would stay away from salts - err on the side of caution. Some bubble bath soap would be good. 
    Keep the water warm on the cooler side. You don't want anything other than your body to cook your little bun. 
    The first time I took a bubble bath during my pregnancy, I freaked out because I thought I would drown her and then quickly realized that it was not going to happen. Haha. Spaz moment  :D
    Anyway, keep the temp cool and enjoy. 
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  • I take baths every weekend. My aunt works for Do Terra Essential Oils and she sent me eucalyptus, mint and lavender oils - which are amazing. I also light a candle and dim the lights. This is a good time to meditate and loosen up. I have noticed that taking the bath right before bed helps me unwind and relax (since I cannot have my evening wine!!!).
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