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Medela Bustier - Sizing........

So, I just picked up a Medium based on the size the girls are right now (bigger than usual) but I was right on the borderline between needing a medium and needing a large.

Anyone with experience with these have any feedback?  Think I should have gone for the larger size?  I have never used one before but feel that if it's baggy or not snug it will fail to do it's job, which is to hold the flanges on while I pump.

Re: Medela Bustier - Sizing........

  • I would go for the larger size. I am in between sizes too and the medium gave me milk blisters which were SOOOOOOOO painful.  Also you can use coconut oil on your nipple prior to pumping to help reduce the friction. If you feel a little snug, then go for a bigger size. The large was a bit big for me... maybe it impacted my supply, but I would rather have less milk than milk blisters.  I was in tears every time I breastfed or pump for about 3 weeks.    
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    I'm not sure how the medala bustier could cause milk blisters. yoh are talking about the pumping bra, right? Shouldn't have much to do with your nipples. I would find a store/retailer with a good return policy and try one on, or find a store that has ones to try on. They are pretty adjustable so there might be a little overlap, but one will probably be more comfortable. 

    ETA: if I am not even talking about the right thing then just totally ignore me and chalk it up to well meaning pregnant brain.

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  • I am talking about the pumping bra!  I am a FTM - so, I know how big the girls are now (they are bigger than they have ever been) but I don't have a sense of how big they are going to get!  I guess if the M ends up too small at first having both sizes on hand would not be the end of the world.

  • My apologies... I was thinking about the flange size.  Totally my bad... 
  • I would stick with the smaller size. In my experience the bra needs to be pretty tight to prevent the suction from breaking. I bought the smallest size offered and I still had to wash it every other day because it would get stretched out and wouldn't hold the cups on my breasts very well.

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