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Meal Plan Monday 2/29

Sunday: Baked chicken parm, pasta and garlic bread
Monday: Baked chicken fajitas and fresh guac. 
Tuesday: Veggie and cheese tortilini soup
Wednesday: French toast and fruit
Thursday: Pulled pork, tater tots and green beans
Friday: Out or carry-out
Saturday: TBD (likely leftovers)
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Re: Meal Plan Monday 2/29

  • No replies and it's Wednesday! We must all be baby-busy :) We came home on Sunday, so here's our week: 

    M - spaghetti
    T - oh sht, the lasagna isn't cooking fast enough. H ran to get burgers from a new little place. 
    W - lasagna, take 2 
    Th - maybe homemade pizza
    F - chicken noodle soup? 
    Sa - freezer something (broccoli chicken rice casserole?) 
    Su - leftovers

    Hoping I'm feeling better next week. 



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  • I haven't had to cook once and baby is two weeks old today. I'm feeling so lucky for our generous (and local) family and friends. The meal train stops tomorrow unfortunately! I wanted to start watching what I eat at 2 weeks pp, but maybe I'll start that in Monday :) 

    Thursday- spaghetti and meatballs
    Friday- pizza (unless hubby sweet talks me into my once per season fish fry)
    saturday - ?
    sunday- dinner at my mom's 

    Next week I will actually have to start meal planning 
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