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saying "no" to new clothing

I've always thought buying cute new outfits for a young one to be wasteful money wise, but also a waste of other resources. There are plenty of used clothing items so producing so many more doesn't make total sense to me. I also feel strongly in not wanting to support poor labour conditions around the world.

My question is, has anyone had experience telling others NOT to buy your little ones those cute new outfits? Did people listen? Has shopping mostly used clothing saved you a lot of money?
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Re: saying "no" to new clothing

  • I set up a registry for my shower with mostly new stuff, even though in the long run, we will likely be buying used at consignment shops and thrift stores and such. I picked stuff that was organic and from Eco companies I like. The price tag was obviously more, but I'd rather have a friend spend $20 on a single onesie that's better for the environment, of higher quality with better resale value, than 4 piece of crap onesies that have chemicals in them and are basically worthless after being worn for 2 months. 

    Also, to help steer gift-givers, on my Babylist registry, you can modify these blank coupons that they have that allow you to ask for anything, really: used clothing, used books, home-cooked meals. I created one for a bed-side bassinet and wrote "used preferred" and added another premade one they have for used clothes. 

    You can't make people buy what you want, but you can try to steer them with suggestions! I don't have the cajones to tell people to not buy us new crap, but I did write a lengthy greeting at the top of the registries that say "when possible, we prefer organic, handmade, wood or fabric over plastic, and USED items most definitely welcome!" (I stole some of that from a fellow bumper who also was trying to get people to not buy conventional crap for them). 

    In in your case, you can also arm yourself with a list of local consignment shops and/or other places where you plan to get stuff from, and pass that info along to potential gift-givers as another gentle steering method. 
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  • I'm not going to try to prevent people buying me new stuff, but all my maternity wear (which I'm not even into yet as I'm so early... but I was excited, what can I say!) is going to be consignment/thrift.  And I'll try to do the same for baby clothes I buy myself.

    Buying new clothes that I can only wear a few months does seem wasteful.  
  • I haven't tried telling such to other moms but my friends once asked me why I spend enough money for groceries and very little for clothing and fashion. I have the same reason, we don't need new clothes always. The younger child could still used the pre-loved clothing of the older child especially if they are of the same gender. It's not just good for the planet, but good for our budget as well.
  • MrsFL2015 said:
    It usually considered in poor etiquette to ask people to purchase or buy specific items when you have a registry/party/etc.   You can share your idea by "word of mouth" through a few close family members/friends. 
    I totally agree . As it is over the times gifting items which are either hand made recycled or sustainable in nature to our families we have started getting similar type gifts . Eco yarn (I crochet) vintage things . Specifically designed sustainable solution items  . Our interest and attitude has influenced at least the way others think of  and shop for us so it won't be hard to continue that with things for our expanding family .  . Living temporarily with my parents has defiantly influenced their choices when it comes to commercial consumption . 
    If you just live it people kind of key in that it's your taste and behave accordingly .the same way you'd cook vegetarian if you knew one was coming to dinner 
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