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Help! Panicky new Mum would like some advice


I have an 11 week old little baby girl who is hardly ever sick (have heard some babies can be sick a lot of eating / burping etc but my lo is never sick). Last night when she was asleep she was sick and there was a lot and it was smelly. By alot I mean it soaked the side of the Moses basket her baby grow and her sleeping bag and went over the back of her head. She was only sick once, it wasn't projectile or forceful and she didn't cry or have a fever.  Should I be worried?

thanks for any advice given

Re: Help! Panicky new Mum would like some advice

  • I'd call your pediatrician just to be safe.
  • She's probably fine, baby spit up is often actually less than you think it is.  If you take a shot glass of water and dump it on yourself, it looks like a ton, but it's only an ounce of liquid. Keep an eye out for multiple stools in an hour, not peeing as much as normal, baby acting differently than usual, fever.  If you see any of that, or if the spitting up continues multiple more times, than I would call a doctor.
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  • My little guy spits up like that from time to time. It's usually due to gas and needing more burping or overeating. I started burping him multiple times per feeding. I also pay more attention to how much he's getting to reduce the overeating issue. But sometimes, they just spit up. I'd call if it happens more than once or if any other symptoms are present- like the above poster said. Or call if you feel that something is just off.
  • To me it sounds abnormal that it happened at night, while she was sleeping but she doesn't spit up any other time. She could just have had a gas bubble but I'd still call.
  • My DD has only spit up 3 times in 16 weeks. One occasion was similar to yours and occurred a month ago. As long as there are no other symptoms and it's not projectile vomitting it's probably fine, but check with your pediatrician just to be sure if you're worried. 
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