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Cycles after Loss- inconsistent length

Hi All, thought I'd reach out and see if anyone had similar situations and if it's worth my of possibly a doctor follow up. I had a D&C on 1/4/16 and fetus was 10 weeks/I was 10 weeks. My first cycle was 35 days (normally mine are around 30 so not too far off). Then I got my period again 15 days later. I was thinking I'd ovulate and instead I got my period for a week. Has anyone had this happen? My periods are also long, 6 days in duration when previously I've had 4-5 days. I've also had random spotting... I think I'm just completely messed up from this and not going to be able to ovulate for a while- which is funny with all this post miscarriage "so fertile" propaganda. Basically I'm totally lost and going to have to go back to my awful doctor that sucks but thought I'd see if anyone had any experience with this! 

Re: Cycles after Loss- inconsistent length

  • I have been totally messed up since my unassisted miscarriage in the beginning of November. My cycles have been of varying lengths, with inconsistent ovulation dates and length of luteal phase. Unfortunately, things being out of sync and different from "before" is the new normal after miscarriage... at least for me. 

    Sorry for your loss!
  • I had a stillbirth 12/10. I bled 2.5 weeks, then had my period 1.5 weeks after it stopped. That cycle was 3 weeks long with no ovulation. My next period came 5dpo 27 days later. 

    I am now 8dpo and this cycle should be 33 days, which is fairly normal for me.

    So yes, it's common for things to be wonky.
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  • I'm on my 3rd period after my D&E. My periods are still much heavier and longer than they were before, and I'm ovulating later. I did hear a rule of thumb that you typically ovulate about 10 days after the end of your period and I don't know how much that works, but it seems to hold true for me. Before, I typically had 5 day periods and would ovulate around CD15. This month my period lasted 8 days and I ovulated around CD18.

    I'm also spotting and having more stop-and-start as well. I didn't ovulate after my D&E; not until the next cycle, and it seemed weaker than usual. 

    It's really a crapshoot. I'm glad that my LP hasn't seemed to get shorter than it already was, around 10 days so borderline problematic. Other than that, it's all over the place though. Hoping this isn't my new normal because my periods SUCK now. 
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    I had a MC with misoprotisol (cytotec) in late Nov. The baby was 8 weeks when it stopped developing but I didn't find out until I was 12w5d

    I bled for roughly 1 week after the misoprotisol.  Then 5.5 weeks later got my first AF. I bled for 14 days, spotted heavily for 8 days, one single day of nothing, spotted for a day, then bled very heavily (still passed clots large enough to have me concerned enough to go to ER) for 14 more days. Then spotting every other day for another week. 

    Kind of seems that things are more normal now, but not really. My last cycle was 36 days. 

    Before my MC my cycles were 25/26 days with 4-5 day long periods. 

    Needless to say, it can take quite a while for things to get more "normal". 

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  • Thanks everyone! Sorry we are all going through this but it really helps to hear I'm not totally f'ed and cycles make zero sense after a loss. 
  • I'm sure that you've considered this, and that it isn't the case...but for some reason, the first time I ovulated post d&c, I bled for a few days. On and off. 

    Was your period that came 15 days after the prior cycle a normal period? 
  • Yes, was a normal period and now I have very light spotting. I made a dr appt for Thursday. Something is wrong I'm thinking and I need to get tested or fixed or something. 
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    You're still very close to your loss, but I remember what it felt like to feel messed up. It took my cycle almost 2 months of on and off spotting/flow and a round of progesterone to resemble anything like normal. You may want to ask your doctor about a round of progesterone if it continues. I hope you get some answers and comfort soon! 

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  • This is basically exactly what happened to me. The first time I was anticipating ovulation I got my period instead.... And then bled again just a few weeks later. I did finally identify ovulation this last cycle but it was only a 23 day cycle. I just started a new cycle 10 days ago and passed a golf ball sized clot today. I went in and got checked out and everything seems fine as far as the clot is concerned and my ob isn't even concerned about the crazy bleeding patterns yet... And my d&c was back in November. Basically nothing has made sense yet and after ultrasound and blood work there doesn't seem to be anything wrong. 

    When in doubt talk to your Dr but these things do take time. 

    Sorry life is such a bummer sometimes. I wish none of us were even having these conversations. 

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  • Agree with everyone that cycles do get messed up after a miscarriage.  After my first I got AF three weeks after I miscarried and it lasted 12 days, things were normal for a month. Got pregnant again, miscarried that baby and AF took over ten weeks to show up.  After that things were normal again for three months.  Unfortunately we miscarried again, so hoping things normalize sooner rather later.  I think each miscarriage just effects us all differently and we have to wait for our bodies to sort themselves out and trust that our bodies know what they are doing.

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  • Sorry to hear about your losses and sorry we are all posting here. We will get our rainbow babies. Went to doctor and she said to call her if I spot more this week (it's exactly 2 months today) she said 2 months is normal, over that she'll do an ultra to check on things. My hcg came back negative and all the other blood tests from yesterday so hopefully it's just my body figuring it out! 
  • This is my 3rd cycle after D&C for MMC in early December. That cycle I bled for 3 weeks and took me 7 weeks to get a period. 2nd cycle I spotted on CD 10 & 11, and cycle ended up only being 23 days. My LP is usually 13 days so it adds up but my OPKs never turned totally + so I'm wondering if it may have been an annovulatory cycle. This is my 3rd cycle and I have been spotting for 8 full days starting on CD12. Got + OPK CD15, 16, and now, on CD20, again. No idea what's going on but wanted to let you know you're not the only one

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