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I'm 10 weeks and I swear I've felt baby move. Is that possible or is it too early?


  • I didn't feel real flutters until just before 18 weeks and didn't feel real kicks until a little after 20 weeks. Like pp said your uterus hasn't even made it out of your pubic bone yet it's probably stretching and gas. 
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  • It's too early. It was probably gas. 

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  • baby is way too small with way too much room, especially if you're a FTM. what you felt was probably gas or a muscle twitch. 
  • For me, I didn't feel flutters till 16 weeks, and kicks at 20ish. Even now at 26 weeks, sometimes when I think she's moving in there, it turns out to be just gas..... You'll know when you start to feel them. Especially when he/she decides to do somersaults in your belly at 2am, pushing off your bladder ;)

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  • I'm a ftm and my daughter is now 10 months. Posting here because I might be pregnant again. 

    Anyway, when I was pregnant I started feeling what I could only describe as bubbles or tiny muscle twitches at about 16 or 17 weeks. It wasn't until I noticed that they didn't go away that they were baby kicks. I started noticing bigger movements that felt the same, just more intense until around 19 weeks. That's when I was really sure that just a few weeks prior that those really were baby and not gas. 

    Your stomach is going through a lot not just the entire pregnancy but those first few months. There are lots of new and strange feelings! 
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