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Looking for Mid-Wife Recommendations in Broward

Hi Ladies,
If you worked with one you loved, or know of one that had a happy mommy patient I'd really appreciate the recommendation.  We would really like to have as natural a childbirth as possible and have been searching around on the internet, but it's been difficult to find independent reviews of the different mid-wives.

Also, if you had a doctor that was open to natural childbirth I'd also appreciate their name too, thanks! 

Thanks so much, very appreciative of any responses! 

Re: Looking for Mid-Wife Recommendations in Broward

  • I am checking with some doulas I know.   What hospital are you delivering at or do  you want a home birth?  I will let you know who they recommend when I hear back from them.  If you are interested in birth, maternity or newborn sessions check my work www.darasblingphotography.com and my Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DarasBlingPhotography/?fref=ts
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  • If you want a doula LIsa Raynor is great https://www.facebook.com/lisaraynorcoralspringsdoula/?pnref=lhc  tell them I referred you Dara
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