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Alcohol in Gripe Water

So I'm just sharing some info because I didn't know this and I'm super upset by it. I've been using gripe water regularly to help LO with gas, and shared with a friend how he really likes it,  and she asked if I got the kind with alcohol.  I didn't know this was a thing and sure enough I checked and yup ethanol is in the ingredients list. I can't believe that they put alcohol in a product designed for babies! I feel so bad, no wonder LO sleeps better when I give it to him! Did anyone else know this? Do you still use it?
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Re: Alcohol in Gripe Water

  • I knew this but only because the one beside it at the store said "no alcohol". I was very confused as to why there would be alcohol in one and not the other. Not sure if the one with alcohol works better? No idea! 
  • I use mommy's bliss which doesn't have alcohol. 
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