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Hey ladies , 
I just wanted to see if anyone else is feeling super physically fatigued .  I'm 7 almost 8 weeks PP vaginal delivery and am still super fatigued . Mater of fact I may have had more energy at the end of my pregnancy.  We walked around the zoo today for about an hour and I kept having to lean on things , sit on benches and was doing pursed lip breathing as if I was running ... Wth !  I thought I would be in way better shape by now.  Most of the weight has come off but my energy level is awful.  I'm trying to figure out if this is normal or if my iron / thyroid is off (i have hoshimotos but test in nornal range ). I go to the endocrine in two weeks. 

My concentration has also been pretty bad too ... I don't know if I can blame it all on sleep as LO isn't too bad at night , 4 hour and 3 hour stretches . Anyone else experiencing this ? 

Re: Fatigue

  • I walked a mile the day before I had my baby, and 1 week later I was winded going around the block.  If you haven't been walking much it makes sense you may need to rebuild your stamina.

    It could also have to do with hormones, sleep deprivation, poor diet, dehydration, ppd, etc.

    There are not enough details for me to know, but if you are concerned about your health, absolutely call your doctor. 
  • You might want to have your hemoglobin tested. Did you lose a lot of blood during delivery?
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  • I go for a walk with LO every day, but energy levels are super hit and miss. Some days I can walk a kilometre, others I walk the three block loop around my house and come straight back home to lay on the couch. I definitely can't walk as far as I could before so I just let my body tell me my limits and play it day by day. Making the effort to get out and do what I reasonably can that day is my priority.

    That said, I agree with @Mamabeagle that you should talk to your doctor if you aren't comfortable with where your energy levels are currently at. At the very least, they can provide some reassurance.
  • OP definitely see if you can check your thyroid and iron levels sooner.  I have hashimoto's too and was supposed to see my endocrinologist at 6 weeks, but she's getting me in next week due to low milk supply.  I'm sure your endo would be agreeable to testing you sooner than your planned appointment if something feels off.  

    That said, though I'm only 2 weeks 6 days postpartum I feel like my stamina is crazy low, but it is getting better every day.  So maybe it could be normal as well?  Blood tests and doctor's visit will hopefully sort it out.  Hope you feel better soon!
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    I talked about my low energy levels with my doctor and after referred me to the endocrinologist . I'll call to see if she can get me in earlier but I have a feeling it was her first available.  My iron levels were low prior to delivery but haven't been tested since. I'm going to go back on iron to see if it helps.  I didn't have a complicated or especially bloody delivery .  

    I'm just hoping I come around soon. Maybe going back to work will help boost my energy
     I don't feel depressed but I am definately getting tired easy and am very foggy minded. I just didn't know if it was all part of recovering or if something is off ... FTM here. 

    Thanks for the responses ladies

  • I'm 8 weeks pp and still totally exhausted - and I had way more energy while pregnant.  I have thyroid disease in the family and haven't been tested myself so I guess that could be it but honestly I just assumed it was normal.  I sleep in 3 hour blocks and devote every second I'm not working to taking care of a baby as opposed to relaxing. I feel like it is still going to take some time getting used to. 
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    Same here
  • I'm 9wks PP. 
    I'm still super exhausted. I wake up and I can't open my eyes. I usually fall back asleep, when the baby naps I sleep with him and beg " 5 more minutes" when he starts to wake up, 
    I feel weak, dizzy, foggy minded, and I have a headache 98% of the time especially when standing up (my head throbs) 
    I'm convinced one of these days in going to pass out. 
    I want to start exercising to lose weight but I can't stand for long periods without getting exhausted. 
    So I definately feel you! 
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