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Blow Outs

FTM here and while I was expecting blow outs with a newborn, I was not expecting my LO who turns a week old tonight (the 28th) to have three blow outs in the past 15 hours or so. Is this normal? I can understand one or two blowouts a day at first, but three?

I've been breastfeeding with little issue, although I'm pretty sure the little guy is getting a little too much to eat but I'm still getting a hang of everything.

He was 7 pounds 7 ounces at birth, went as low as 6.5 pounds in the hospital, but as of Friday he was back to 7 pounds.

Re: Blow Outs

  • Normal. Their poop is basically liquid, so depending on the position, it's bound to happen. 
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  • Also make sure that you have the diaper sealed properly. If it's not tight enough it can come out the back and front top. And make sure that you have "fluffed" out the sides of the legs. That always helps contain things a little more. It is normal for baby's to poop and for it to be really thin until they start solid foods but maybe consider trying to move up a diaper size or try a different brand of diaper. For us with DS1 there were times in his life one brand worked better over another depending on how he was growing. 
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  • Normal, as long as the poop is a seedy mustard yellow. DD was the blowout queen; she even shot crap across the room a few times when we changed her!! DS manages to find that random gap in his diaper about once a day and leaks a little poop out of it.  I always have at least one item of clothing soaking in an oxiclean mix!  I do suggest that maybe you try a different brand of diaper.  With DD, all of her blowouts were up her back.  The Huggies Snugglers (I think) had elastic at the back that contained her poops a little better, so we used those until she got bigger.  Also, change wet diapers a little more often.  If they are too wet, they won't absorb the poop and you can get blowouts that way.  And if all else fails, move up a size in diapers (those weight ranges aren't always accurate for baby's build, you may need to move up sizes earlier).  Good luck, and I really do suggest oxiclean soaking for 24 hours after you rinse the poop off... It works like magic! :)
  • Totally normal. Also, what PPs suggested to make sure the diaper is on properly.

  • We've had a few so far. The first one was actually right after we got home from the hospital. Sometimes DD doesn't fuss about her diaper right away so I think she's soaked it already and then poops so the diaper is just at maximum capacity. Make sure the diaper is tight enough at the waist because it's easy to think you have it too tight but they seem to stretch out as they're worn 
  • Yep unfortunately it is very normal. We just bumped LO up a size yesterday because of this reason and she is doing lots better. Hang in there. 
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