Pregnant after a Loss

Looking for similar stories. ..PLEASE!!

I am 12w today! I am being monitored for subchorionic hemorrages but told they have decreased in size.
I just started bleeding, no cramps or backaches.  I just passed  very small clot and bleeding seema to have tapered.  Can anyone share a similar experience and baby was fine??


Re: Looking for similar stories. ..PLEASE!!

  • I had this early on, they also said it was shrinking. Then at around 20w I woke up to bright red bleeding and a huge clot! Rushed to my dr office for an emergency appointment at 8am and the baby was perfectly fine
  • Thanks mommaseal.  I have a follow up u/s tomorrow. Fingers crossed everything is ok.


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  • Your bleeding is likely from the SCH, especially if it is already shrinking. If you have bleeding g with no other symptoms and a known small SCH, I would say that is likely thr cause of your bleeding and your baby is probably fine. Good luck.
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