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when did your LO's eyes change from blue to brown?

anyone have a LO born with blue eyes that have changed to brown yet?

Re: when did your LO's eyes change from blue to brown?

  • My baby's eyes were blue at birth and they turned kinda grey and now hazel. Eye color can change up to 9 months.
  • Both of my girls have green/hazel eyes. They started off as blue, stayed that way until around 6mths and then gradually changed. They kept changing until around 18mths, before settling into their final colour.

    I've heard eye colour can change up until 3 years. No idea if that's true.

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  • I couldn't tell you when they start to change color. I thought it was 9 months too but not 100% sure. DS was born with dark blue eyes and still has blue eyes. They are just brighter in color now. DD was also born with blue eyes. Hoping they stay blue too  ;)
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