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Possible supply drop?

7 weeks yesterday-
LO has been cluster feeding all day... Like a ton. Every hour for at least 15 minutes. And instead of falling asleep after she would unlatch and cry and act like she was still hungry. Does this mean I'm no longer providing enough milk?

Re: Possible supply drop?

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  • Yeah, I wouldn't worry unless you're not getting the right amount of diapers.  I've had low supply since the beginning and the first sign was no wet diapers in a 24 hour period (which is serious and you need to call your pediatrician asap, if that's the case.)  That happened to us twice, then we saw the doctor where we found she was also losing weight at a fast pace, so we had to start supplementing.  The low supply problem continued and I saw a lactation consultant who did a weighted feed and confirmed it (only about .2 oz getting to LO after 20 minutes on a breast.)  

    Anyway, if you're concerned, just watch out for not having enough wet diapers, otherwise you should be good!  :)
  • Agree with other posters. I know for my LO that after a lot of nursing she gets fussy and I am convinced it is because the milk flow is slower. I just started pumping and giving a bottle of breast milk when she reaches that point. She likes it! 
  • Thanks ladies! I feel a lot better! I'm just paranoid lol. 
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