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Difficulty Latching Sleepy Baby

Lately, when LO wakes at night he is so hungry he is miserable but so tired he doesn't want to latch which starts a cycle of violent rooting,  and screaming in frustration because he can't get latches because he's thrashing about so much. I get him to my nipple and he just screams because he wants to eat but won't latch because he's screaming.  I think you get the idea. Anyone have any suggestions?  Or is this just a phase we're going to have to go through?  He latches totally fine, almost independently during the day.  He is 5 weeks old. 
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Re: Difficulty Latching Sleepy Baby

  • We had a similar experience our first few days but it turns out what I thought was a good latch during the day wasn't and he wasn't getting enough to eat. Now that we're getting settled sometimes a bait and switch works well. I'll give him about half an ounce from a bottle to calm him and then try to latch again. 
  • You can take off his clothes and do skin to skin and like pp said give a little bottle and do the bait and switch.
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