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Dreaming of...

I am from Wisconsin and it is suppose to get up to 47 today!!!! Which hopefully means Spring weather is here or almost here. My poor winter baby has only gone for a walk outside once and it was pretty short due to the cold, so I can not wait for better weather to do more outside.

Specifically I am dreaming of:
A day at the lake and visiting the Milwaukee zoo.

 What are all of you colder area ladies or anyone looking forward to with the warmer weather?

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    More walks outside!  I can't wait to start running again and it needs to be warm so he can go with me in the stroller. Plus being outside like that is very stimulating to babies and they sleep better. We took him for a walk one day and he was so fascinated with looking at the trees and clouds and everything else. He had a 5.5 hour sleep session that evening. 
  • Going running! Its too cold her for baby and its hard on my asthma.
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  • I throw my vote in also for running! I've never enjoyed treadmills and running outside has been a love of mine for years. I have missed it so since early in pregnancy! Also looking forward when it's warmer to take LO to my favorite beach for the first time (i grew up in Florida) and going up to some walks in the carrier on the tame mountain trails near us.
  • I'm looking forward to running too , I hate treadmills !! We live in Chicago , today we plan to take advantage of the weather and take a walk around the bean (hubby still hasn't been there !). He's at basketball now , im going to try to put on something cute rather than my usual 5 go to outfits consisting of leggings and sweaters. Yay to warm weather !!!!
  • I am from WI also @alandaim! We are going to the Milwaukee zoo in October when we are in town for a wedding. We are planning for a nice walk today also!
    I also can't wait to go out to my in-laws camper and to the sand bar! I found the cutest swim outfit and sunglasses for my little man. 
    Spring means tilling and planting so DH is super excited to take DS on hid first tractor ride ( well outside of the womb anyways) 
  • I'm also from wi- Milwaukee has a behind the scenes weekend (I don't think it's passed yet). Granted I think the Madison zoo is better - free admission and parking, the animals are more active). I'm looking forward to the warm weather and not feeling trapped with two inside. The last warm day when it was almost 60 we walked to the park. So nice!

    I am dreaming of our new house and going on a vacation next year. Hopefully. Lol. 
  • Hanging out in the park with my babe! I can't wait to set up on a blanket in a quiet spot and enjoy being out of the house, but not in a cafe/restaurant/etc so it doesn't matter if he fusses.
  • Getting the swing set built in the back yard and spending many hours outside with both my babies!!
  • I've been dreaming of long walks and warm sunshine on my back. I also want to lay with LO on a blanket in our yard under the trees. I can't get the smell of spring flowers, green grass, and leaves on all the trees out of mind.  Oh and no more cold and flu season!!!!!
  • Going for walks with DS.  Tomorrow it's supposed to get to 56 here.  I live in Upstate NY.  We've had much colder and snowier winters, but this one has been pretty mild.  I will probably take DS for a walk tomorrow and go visit my dad.  He's about a 10-15 minute walk from our house.

    I am looking forward to bringing DS to the zoo here and to bring him to the park. 
  • I'm in MN and its 57 and sunny right now. We took our first family walk.  DD rode her bike as the baby is now using the stroller.  I'm sad that this nice weather is only temporary but I'll take it while it lasts.  I'm looking forward to more evenings and weekends walking to the park and getting fresh air.
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  • I dream of anything outside of these four walls! Oh my goodness. My toddler is going stir crazy and intentionally finding trouble. He often stands at the door yelling "go go!"

    I can't wait to take walks and go to the zoo. I love the idea of the park, but would need extra hands to handle either baby or toddler. 
  • Taking baby on some nice long walks/hikes and going to the pool.  My parents moved near us after I got pregnant and their new house has a pool.  I only got to use it once before the weather got cold
  • Wearing DD and going on walking in the woods along the creek with DH and my boys and walks up to the corner icecream shop with the family. 
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  • 62406 said:
    I'm in MN and its 57 and sunny right now. We took our first family walk.  DD rode her bike as the baby is now using the stroller.  I'm sad that this nice weather is only temporary but I'll take it while it lasts.  I'm looking forward to more evenings and weekends walking to the park and getting fresh air.
    Yes!  We took a really long walk today and it was so nice to have DD (2yrs. Old) chatting and smiling. When it is cold she sits their like a statue and either refuses to talk or is not capable of talking because of the cold :).

    DS had his eyes closed most of the walk, but wasn't sleeping. I think he just didn't know what to do with sunlight since he has never experienced it.

    It was also nice to just get some excerise in general that wasn't walkinh around Target.
  • We live on Lake Michigan so I'm really excited to hit the beach (though it will probably be a while). Also excited for my 4-year-old to be able to burn off some energy outside without having to bundle him!
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