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Jameson Richard is here!

Jameson Richard made his appearance on 2/23 at 8:04pm! Our little monster is 6lbs 12oz and 20 in long!

On 2/22 we went to our drs appt where I was still sitting at 3cm and 50%.  The dr did a membrane sweep, but suggested we go ahead and schedule an induction for later that week, and my husband and I discussed it and agreed. They ended up scheduling it for the next day! So 2/23 we went to the hospital, no cervadil needed, they checked me first and overnight I went to 4cm and 75% and I was having some contractions that were about 5 minutes apart.  They broke my water at around 10am and started the pitocin at 1030.  Jameson kept everyone on their toes all day, his heart rate would drop really low a few times and they would come in and have me switch positions to get it back up.  At one point they told me to take out earrings and we're getting ready for a csection, but it came back up Thank god! At 4pm the contractions were so strong and coming so fast I couldn't take it so I got the epidural at 430.  I am glad I held off on it, but so SO glad that I got it..totally worth it.  At that point I was 5cm. They gave me the peanut ball to get me dilate more.  Then maybe 2 hours later my dr came in to check me and asked where I thought I was, I guessed 6cm but I was already at 10! No urges to push yet, so they dialed back the epi and let me rest.  Then at around 720 they came to check and we started some "practice pushes" which turned to real pushes and after 40 minutes of pushing he was here!! Mom and dad are head over heals in love :)

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