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Pregnancy Workout Routine

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I decided to start a new thread with this info in it so I wouldn't bogart the Weekly Check-In. Also, I know a couple of you (@redheadbride15) were curious about it so here it is again with some other notes. A lot of these exercises are simple, and gentle enough that you could start them after you are pregnant. Careful with anything on weight machines tho and obviously listen to your body: if something doesn't feel right, stop!

I designed this program for total body strengthening. It is also a specific program for me as I have some weakness in my right knee and hip.  Most of the exercises are designed to work joint stabilizing muscle groups (shoulder blade, shoulder joint, hip, knee) which is good since we preggo ladies will develop lax ligaments which can be bad for our joints. There are some large muscle group exercises on here as well: both isolated exercises and compound exercises (Leg Press isolates quads and glutes, while Squats work quads and glutes in conjunction with the core, ankle muscles and your balance/vestibular system).

During any of these exercises, even upper body exercises, contract your glutes, gently drop your tailbone towards the floor and pull up and in on your belly button/lower abdomen: all of these will help to activate your pelvic floor.

Breathing is also super important (as @createillumination can attest to as a yoga instructor). Inhale on the set up of the exercise and exhale on the effort (so in a squat, inhale as you bend your knees and descend, exhale as you come up). There are some great resources on line on learning how to coordinate breath with movement, but a yoga practice will also teach you this skill!  If any one else has anything to add or would like to contribute web resources, YouTube videos etc. to this thread, I would love to see some other prenatal exercise programs!!

IT band and Hip flexor stretch (generally, I don’t do too much stretching because I am hypermobile and very flexible, but my IT band and psoas are tight so I find it helps to loosen these up before I start to exercise. I also do a lot of stabilization exercises first 30x clamshells, seated with heavy band (this is a reverse Thigh Master, works outside of hips/glutes)30x squatting sides-steps with band around knees (when I say "around knees" I mean just above the knee joint!)20x body weight squats with band around knees (I recently added weight to this 2 5# weights)10x ea side single -leg squats with upper body stability (gently hold a strap attached to a hook over a door frame)10x bodyweight squats with no band 20x calf raises on a balance pad3x ea side single leg stand on balance pad or board 30 sec ea leg2x12 modified push-ups (incline, at a counter I prefer this method to knees on the ground REMEMBER to squeeze glutes and keep back straight!)20x ea As, Ws (w/ Band) Vs, (on balance pad 5# weight)20x bicep curls20x tricep dips2x12 @ 45# Lat Pull Down (recovering from L trap injury in 2015)2x12 @ 300# Leg Press2x12 @ 30# Leg Extension (Knee sprain April/Sept 2015 recovery)2x12 @ 65# Hamstring curl2x12 @ 40# Upper Back/RowingPec/Calf Stretch (either bilateral or unilateral in a door frame)25x Bridges (after week 20 elevate torso slightly or only do pelvic tilts)10x ea side hold for 5 sec Bird-Dog12x Standing crunches12x ea side leg slides (core)10x ea direction, stir the pot (elevate torso slightly after 20 weeks)I welcome any questions! 

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    Hey all sorry for the wall of text, i tried to bullet point the different exercises and when I edit the post I see bullets! I'll check with admin re this.
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    Thank you!!! I just cut and pasted it into another doc and created the bullets :)

    I'll try some of these today. I might have questions though! I've always been a cardio girl, and I've never done exercises like this.
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    I thought I'd mention this here: If any of you like to work out in running shorts, I found awesome ones at For Two Fitness online. I had no idea where to buy maternity workout clothes and hate buying clothes online, but these turned out to be perfect.
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