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Hello ladies, I have seen a lot of posts about cramping. Let me explain myself. 
I am the mother of an angel that I lost in 2015. When I MC I had cramps that were so bad that I couldn't even walk, and bleeding that went from light pink, to a *TMI* waterfall, it was horrific and I was almost 7 weeks. 
This time, I am 4 weeks and 6 days :-) I couldn't be happier. Ever since about a week before I got my BFP, I have been experiencing cramps similar to menstrual cramps. They come and they go and only last for around 7 seconds max and they stop. Some are worse than others making me stop what I'm doing and cringe for just a moment, I keep telling myself that it is just my uterus stretching the hold my big ole bundle of joy, but I need to know if you ladies have experienced this or are experiencing this. No bleeding btw, and it's been happening for a little over around 2 weeks. I'm sorry for making a thread about it when I know there are many more but maybe we can make this the main cramping discussion thread! Let me hear ya ladies! :)

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  • I think at this point, yeah it's probably just still working on burrowing in there and your uterus is getting bigger and all that stuff. I had similar early in my pregnancy, which I did eventually lose but I don't think it was really related to those cramps as it happened weeks later. I found the miscarriage cramps to feel quite different- less period like and more from my cervix. Everyone and every pregnancy is different, though. 

    I'm sorry you're going through this, and for your previous loss. It can be normal, but it can be not normal too, and only time will tell. Maybe your office would be willing to draw betas or something that could be reassuring? Some are unwilling to do anything for anyone that's had fewer than three losses, but many others do whatever they can to help reassure loss moms that have had one. It won't change anything as there's nothing that can be done to stop it, except possibly progesterone if that's low, but it could give you a better idea of what's going on. The fact that you're not bleeding is good, and personally I probably wouldn't do anything at this point unless that happens. 

    Good luck. 
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  • Thank you ladies, I've been trying to do some wedding planning to keep my mind off of my pregnancy! As weird as that sounds. I feel like if I focus too much on being pregnant, I start freaking out about every little thing that is wrong or may go wrong, that's what I did for the first one and I turned out to be right :-/ I however heard that many women have a MC first time and 2nd time is much more likely to be successful, anyone heard of that? 
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    babymamamegs With both my first and second loss, they were early at about 6 weeks. I had small twinges of cramps while everything was ok. I wouldn't be concerned as that's very normal.  I actually started bleeding before I ever had any bad cramps set in during each of my MCs. 
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  • I am on week 24 in my second pregnancy after a loss at 10 weeks and have had very similar cramping to yours this entire pregnancy.  Of course, consult with your dr if concerned, but my dr said my cramps sound very common.  
  • I had serious cramps weeks 4-5 and then around week 6 they died down and that's when nausea hit. I am a FTM so I was always running to the bathroom to check if everything was okay. 
    I'm sorry for your previous loss and understand why why you would be concerned. I haven't heard about the chance of a MC going down after your first but that would be great if it were true!
  • I'm sorry for your previous loss and I do hope this one progresses. I had an mc early on too and experienced spotting with my current pregnancy till 16 wks (32 wks today). Check in with your doc. Get your levels tested and progesterone. I had to be on progesterone supplements. My doc kindly saw me almost every week or two early on due to my recent mc at the time. I called her like crazy! Try to stay positive and reach out to your doc as to ease your mind. It can and can't be normal but keep thinking that today you are pregnant!

    I may add that I did not get ms at all. My acne, bloating, oily self, and bleeding were my symptoms. I was on rest working from home for all first tri because of the bleeding. They said I had an extremely friable cervix.
  • Thank all of you ladies! :) it really helps, I keep checking as well but I'm left never finding anything. Last MC, I had light pink blood after fiance and I had sex and then it just never stopped bleeding and got heavier. Cramps at that time were so bad I couldn't even walk, it was so painful. I'm hoping since these are not continuous and since they happen for a short period of time, it's just my uterus growing. The only thing I'm waiting on for doctor is pregnancy insurance, so the wait is super crucial. I am 5 weeks today, we will just wait and see.. I just can't wait to get past that 12 week mark!! It's so stressful. And my first US, I'm super excited
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