Pregnant after a Loss

Any success after multiple blighted ovums?

ive had 3 blighted ovums and Ive done genetics, an hsg, and a ton of labs. Everything is normal according to my ob. So he suggested I try again or can refer to an RE. That doesn't sit well. I think im going to see a holistic dr who can look deper and order any other labs that may help and go from there. Im pretty devastated. I don't think im ready for IVF. I dont think ive done all that I can. I hope he finds something. Anyone with success after 3?

Re: Any success after multiple blighted ovums?

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    I am so sorry that you have had to go through this. If you are located in San Diego I have a couple of names of fantastic alternative professionals you can work with. I worked with a naturopath who specializes in the endocrine system before getting pregnant. Through supplements and herbs I was able to get my thyroid and endocrine system to optimal balance. Each time I got pregnant 2 months after starting herbs with her, the first ended in a mc but this one seems to be sticking (FX)

    I'll PM you some names and I hope you find some answers. Good luck!
    ETA: I really really love the book "it starts with the egg" it has lots of practical things you can start doing now to help your chances for success. 
  • Sorry you've gone thru this.... but I do want to say.... not all "holistic" docs are created equal.... just as all "normal" docs arent. 
    Referring you to RE isn't saying you need IVF.... it's saying your problem needs an expert opinion. 
    Good luck love! Don't give up!
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  • I agree with PP, just because you see an RE doesn't mean you are at the point of IVF at all.  They just know the problems that could occur better than your OB can.  A lot of RE's do use "holistic medicines" in that they may change your diet, or do acupuncture.  Please don't consider seeing an RE as a failure on your part.
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  • Thank you ladies! I just made an appt for Tuesday witH RE!
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